Oct 242006

Everyone has preferences when it comes to dating. Mine? I like foreign men. (Or, as my friend The E would say—“You and me? We don’t do domestic dick. We like our dick imported.”) So, it should come as no surprise to you that I recently met a charming young man from Australia. He’s funny, successful and very very attractive. Man, I LOOOOVE Australian accents. So, as I’m sitting here thinking about ideas for today’s topic, I figure: why not dedicate this day to those little guys from down under?

Australian men. Lately, for some reason, they seem to end up in steamy trysts with Sanaa Lathan on screen ( … first Simon Baker in Something New and now Julian McMahon in Nip Tuck). Hmm … What else do I known about Aussie men? Sure, there’s the rugged, violent-tempered caveman who hurled his phone at innocent bystanders. Yet, hotties like Curtis Stone definitely do a hell of a PR job for Aussie Men. The first time that I saw his cooking show on TLC, I thought: Him. Feed me him. I’m hungry for Australian. So, needless to say, when my friends and I went out the other night and the hot Aussie guy started chatting me up, I was definitely interested.

The Aussie Guy tells me that he’s in New York on business, and he’ll return to Australia soon. He says he’s somewhat of a minor celebrity in Australia. Being the jaded and cynical NYC-dwelling female dater that I am, I just assume the guy is making it up to make himself sound bigger. (NOTE: Later, I google him. He wasn’t joking.) Anyway, the conversation continues. We swap numbers. He calls me. I call him back. Repeat cycle. Yada, yada, yada, a few days later we’re sharing jokes, dinner and drinks downtown. Fun guy.

And, since today seems to be shaping up to be Aussie Day at the Funky Brown Chick, now it’s YOUR turn to share your Aussie story. Have any of you seen the show “Take Home Chef“? Have you been to Australia? Do you like Australian ice cream? Do you have any thoughts about Aussie men? And, of course, the ultimate question: Are Aussie Men Droolworthy or Not?

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  1. Looks to me fellas that Eve is one of those fucking feminist bitches. 
    Thats another thing I hope American women dont look down upon men that smae way our aussie women do  because that would just be a shame

  2. @ peter

    We would be swimming i  shit  if fucking retards such as yourself whom are foolish enough to think that howard was a good pime minister, had their way.  Rudd saved the country from going into a reccession. Does that not pentrate your thick skull?  RECESSION AVOIDED  . NO STIMULUS = RECESSION.

    HOWARD= Bum that obtained the fruits of keatings labour and happened to be in the middle of an economic boom from China.

  3. #julio are you that stupid howard got us out of debt labour had us in a 100 billion dollar debt howard got us out of it and had 20 billion in the kitty.
    he stopped boat people
    and thats just a start
    all rudds done is given the boat people  a free ticket and got usa 350 billion dollars in debt
    the recession still hit hard
    howard prevented recession twice
    go and learn you politics because you wont beat me in politcs little one

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  5. Hey, so just thought I’d say that all of the Australian guys I’ve met are awesome. They’re so down to earth, friendly, funny, smart, and have nice bods.
    I was in a relationship with this guy from Adelaide. He was  real sweetheart, but I broke it off because he was a butterface from years of drug use. (I don’t care how shallow that sounds. We all know that physical attraction is just as important as emotional connection)
    Plus, I couldn’t get past the fact that he was a womanizer and I felt dirty whenever he touched me. I also felt like he was more of a friend, anyway, because we’d talk about hot chicks we’d like to bang. haha.

    But yeah, screw what everyone says. A guy is a guy. There are nice guys and assholes everywhere. Be open minded!

  6.  @Heddy: Oh my gosh, what a douche!
    That sounds like abusive behaviour right there!
    One thing I was curious about though, is that if you’ve expressed to him that his behaviour is hurting you?
    Hmm if nothing works when you confront your husband and his family, then the best way to avoid family bullying is to relocate to a distant city with your husband. Maybe it might be good to relocate to an areao closer to your own family, but distant enough that you only have to visit his family at Christmas time. If it doesn’t change the attitude of your husband, and his family (the Mum will realise that if she stops bullying you that she can spend more time with her son) by moving away…then he’s a real jerk and I personally would divorce him. Of course, you can still live with him if you choose to, but that’s just what I’d do is what I’m saying…
    I think, in this case, the Mum feels threatened by her son devoting more attention to someone else and may be actually causing a lot of the issues by trying to undermine your husband’s respect for you?
    It’s not so normal, I think…
    Anyway, does he have a Grandma that you can talk to?
    Everyone knows that Grandmas are the real boss of the family tree! :P

    Take that Evil Stepmum!

    Most Australian guys aren’t like the one you’re married, but as my Auntie got married to a man whose family was very hellish, I thought it might be helpful to give some advice if it helps?
    I’m an Australian (girl) btw.
    Yeah, I find Australian Women do (except for that Evil Stepmum) tend to be very supportive of each other. I find that the men do too, but are less verbal about how they feel about each other. Also, there accent tends to be more broad, so can be more difficult to understand. An Aussie guy who spend most of the time arguing with or teasing his “best mate” can actually be being playful and bonding with him; although, it might not sound like that from an outsider. But, I know a few guys that were like this and without even thinking jumped in cyclonic sea to save their friend’s life and one of the guys ended up dying in the attempt. So, I don’t think they mean to be mean. They think they’re being funny ehehe

  7. Grammatical fail right there :(
    Will read through next time before I click ‘submit’.

    And Whaaaaaaat’s all this rubbish about Aussie Women!
    If you think all the girls in Australia are all snooty, stuck up biatches, then why don’t you just take your footy and your mates and move to Scandanavia or wherever it was that you wanted to go and just live there since it’s so great there!?
    Hey hey hey!?
    With all the stuck up guys gone we can walk around this place freely, without boyfriends letting themselves get accidentally trod on because they are drunk and lying on the footpath! :P

  8. Have dated a USA girl and I am a true blue Aussie guy so here are the facts –

    1/ Aussies are more like Canadians, more laid back, they are however changing becasue we get so many US products and media in this country, there seems to be a more relaxed common sense approach here though.

    2/ Aussie Males love US Girls – because they are lower maintenance and much more likely to have sex, US girls are more open to casual relationships than Aussies and they are not as demanding – (not even close)

    3/ Why do Aussie guys like US girls – because they are FUN – so are most Aussie guys.

    4/ Why are Aussie men thought of as non romantic and not interested in love…..this is not true…it is just that mateship plays a HUGE…let me say that again …HUGE part of our culture…if a girl is being a pain and lets face it 90% of Aussie women are – the boys go hang out with their mates, go camping, watch footie, have drinks together, go surfing..its simple…be a pain and we arent interested, we just dont get the GAMES….Aussie women watch US media and expect to be able to carry on like famous US celebs, sad part is that they expect but dont offer to be fun in return.

  9. 5/ Are aussie men wife bashing racists……you gotta be kidding…our country is based on IMMAGRATION…this is a multicultural society..as for violence with women..in some parts of Australia this is a major issue, but only very small remote pockets of this country…i am sure if you are honest you would see that this is the same in the US…Harlem perhaps?

    6/ So why dont Aussie guys always go for US girls……they are not the type you take home to mother..we are old fashioned..its an English culture here..Aussies like girls that are fun and those that like sex etc..but ONLY for fun…no aussie wants a girl who flirts all the time, Also US girls are VERY loud…again this is a conservative culture and it can be embarrasing for an Aussie guy.

    7/ So what do Aussie guys do if the women of Australia are snooty snobs and US women are only for casual fun …well although many wont like to admit what I am about to type …a LOT….let me say that again..a LOT of Aussie guys go to Thailand, Phillipines, Vietnam and other asian coutnries where all the women there want is someone to care for them…there is no pretence and they bring them home and marry them…this is happening on a MASSIVE scale now that flights to these countries have become more affordable and direct…in the next 10 yrs there will be a lot of Aussie women that are single.

  10. So to show you what I mean – here is my story.
    Met a Girl in OS – she was from the US we got along great she immediately felt comfortable with me (Point 01) We had huge fun and on the first time of seeing her it got rather raunchy (Point 02) we talked for ages on the phone when she and I went home and we laughed and laughed and laughed (Point 03).

    If we ever fought she would get so frustrated because if she said “well thats it I am not talking to you anymore” _ I would simply go hang with the boys or go to the Pub and watch the footie when obviously I was expected to grovel up to her..when it stopped being fun I was not interested and I hate playing those power games (Point 04)

    I wwne tot he US to see her – we had stayed BF and GF for a long time with a long distance relationship….I got her assurance she had not been with anyone ….but later found out she had oral sex with some random guy..but she said it wasnt classed as cheating becasue oral sex and kissing is just not the same as sex (Point 06)

    Now I am planning a trip to thailand in the next three weeks (Point 07)…but first im off to the beach

  11. @old qld male
    much of what you said is true
    problem is us women walk over they men like door mats much like aussie women try to do
    american men will let this happen as all there interested in is a good looking girl and sex anytime they want it.
    aussie men arn’t like that we wont stand for women walking all over us or treating us like shit and i’ve noticed american women are very nice to aussie men and seem to respect us a lot aswell as canadian women as where aussie women seem to try to do it to us all the time so we boot there arse out the door and get a foreign girl like a yank or canuck.
    the problem is then australian women go overseas and cry neglection so everyone feels sorry for them and think aussie men are pricks but its not that way at all.

  12. Gah! We don’t walk over our Men. It’s just that the Men in this thread are tossers that like to whinge a lot~ Aussie culture doesn’t just revolve only around a Mum, Dad and the Kids- the Grandparents, Parents and Friends are considered very important as well!
    This means that if we want to spend some time with our friends shopping and watching the Hills-I can’t say I know the show, but if we wanted to spend some time with our friends watching it then we bloody well can!
    If the guy wants to go out with his friends and have some beers and watch the footy, instead of spending 24/7 at home contributing to the family, then he just has to deal with the fact that his girl is going to want some of their own space to hang with their own friends and families and do whatever. We’re not your freakin slaves! :P

  13. i think its the other way around
    australian women expect there men to be the slaves
    i found it hilarious that women wanted equal rights and yet only want to equality where it suits them.
    its time for australian women to start being more fair and start having respecct for us and for themselves without both of these you’ll never get any back.
    mateship its a enormous part of the australian culture for more important then a wife who is to damn selfish and expects there husband to do everything and then when they go to work they expect the men to help them out which ends up being half there work and then still get equal pay
    straighten yourselves out or you’ll ever be happy you should know australian men have more important things in there lives then sex so yas have nothing over us unlike american men

  14. That’s why we’re also expected to bring high financial income to the household by also working long hours and studying hard, then sharing our weight in cooking, cleaning ect. Many Women around the world would consider being a Mum a difficult job, let alone having another full time job on top of that. Also, Aussie’s work some of the longest hours in the world, so…we become freakin Super Mums…No wonder the Government has to pay us to have kids!

    We find it healthy that a guy spends some time with his friends, particularly as long as he’s respectful to us when he comes home, makes up for it by contributing to the household ect. Also, we expect the Men to actually spend some time with us. I mean, what’s the point of having a relationship if the guy doesn’t spend anytime with you?!
    If you don’t want to have sex and you want to spend all the time with your guy friends then I reckon you’d be better of dating one lol.

  15. i’ll tell you what sweetcheaks
    go to saudi arabia  for a week
    you’ll find out what hard ship is all about
    if a woman just looks at another amn she has her eyes gauged out
    australian women are the most disloyal bitches in the world and yet have no idea of hardship and most dont even know how to be a wife or mother because there just to selfish
    it seems you need to be a lot more like arielle shes almost my dream wife

  16. That’s why I live in Australia lmao. If you think Saudio Arabian Women are your thing and if Arielle is your dream Wife then go ahead and live with her. Personally, I wouldn’t want to live with someone as selfish as you are. If your attitude to Women is that they should be your personal slave of everything that you like without making any compromises, you giving back any affection and all you care about is yourself, aside from possibly being nice enough spare us our eyes or not. Well, I would suggest you get an attitude readjustment or leave, because I can’t think of any kind of Woman here wanting someone with such bitterness. The problem is not American Woman or us Aussie Woman, I think it’s you (not Aussie Men, but you as a person)!~Dude, I can’t believe you dissed your own Mum on Mother’s Day!

    Fortunately, I already have a wonderful Man and a wonderful Mum! <3

  17. @Genta
    I’m not into arabian women im just saying you have no idea what hardship is, when men are out dying in war the women sit at home and have a good time. yas have no clue what hard work is and definitely arn’t a personal slave. what it is however is australian women wanting more and more and dont earn anything, much like an aboriginal.

    That alone is enough to be respectful to our Mums <3

    Who are you to compare us Aussie Women to Aboriginal People as though being an Aboriginal Person is some kind of an insult?

    I don’t regret paying taxes to support people who need it. Come to think of it, HUGE amounts of money from taxes go into military expenses, paying for free sporting equipment, cheap quality housing rent, personal villa army base grounds ect as well as normal pay. Who’s responsible for paying for all of that?
    Hardworking Australian Women, Men and Aboriginal Descendents, of course.
    I would like to add that there are hard-working Aboriginal Descendants, Australian Women and Australian Men in the military too. If you have a preference for Women from other countries then I don’t particularly care, but it’s embarrassing when you slag off all Aussie Women, American Women and Aboriginal people with such contempt and disrespect…particularly Aboriginal People. IT REFLECTS BADLY ON OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY, WHICH IS ALREADY PRESENTED ON INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AS A COUNTRY FILLED WITH ANGO SAXON RACISTS, for crying out loud.

  19. Lets get a little real shall we – firstly we really are not a racist society, any person who lives here knows that – we are founded on..and exist on ..multiculturalism..there is no othe place on earth as diversly populated as our own.

    For a start we pay more to refugees and Immagrants than we do to our own old age pensioners – in fact a refugee can be given up to $600 – $750 Per week but an old age pesioner averages out at roughly $200.

    The immagrants and sinlge parents (mostly women obviously) cost the Australian Goverment a lot and this money comes from hard working Man and Women (ooops sorry for putting the word “Men” first in that sentance as you obviously did not above).

    In fact if a single mother has a child with a man and a second child with another man she can sit back and earn up to and exceeding $1300 per week.

    What US people need to understand is that we have a payment called “The Dole”thats right even if you do NOT work you get PAID, not to mention our free health system.

    As for aboriginals, they get even more benefits on top of the Dole just for being Aboriginals….a LOT of these people dont work – but it would be completely unfair to catagorise every single one with all of the others.

    Yes it is proven that Aboriginals have issues with alcohol, of course they do, there gene pool was never exposed to it like anglo saxons have for generations….but as is with every country and race – there are good and bad people of every race.

  20. Here is the part I dont understand right –

    It is proven that on average male wages are now only 15% higher than women – so whay are MEN expected to pay for everything, it is totally expected that in Austrlaia if you take a girl on a date you WILL always pay (dont get me wrong I dont mind) but how come we have to pay for 2 when you only earn 15% less.

    Further it is given that Mothers will ALWAYS win custody of children in a divorce – WHY……cant a father do the same job?

    So here is my point – you girls from Aus just pick and chose the bits you want…in olden days women did all the housework (not that i agree with that) but women wont stand for that now….but in olden days men paid all the bills – they still are quite willing to stand for that.

    They want equal pay but expect paid maternity leave (yep thats right paid to fall pregnant).

    Women pick and choose the bits of olden days they like and get rid of the ones they dont like and aussie women are masters at it.

  21. Genta
    i was simply stating and as you damn well know that aborigines get all these special rights that aussies dont get. and now so do women and as i was stating you dont deserve them as everyone in this country is supposed to be equal

  22. @aussie qld male

    australian women unfortunately dont seem to understand that mate
    there supposed to be equal yet were is the equalty

    @Aussie Qld Male

    How long exactly have you been living in QLD for, have you ever thought of travelling to an Aboriginal Community up North?

    I was born and raised for a lot of my life in the NT and I find that many people in QLD know Jack All about what is happening there are what Aboriginal culture is actually about.

    For your information, I would like to point out that many people prefer the world Aboriginal as a world used to describe a lifestyle choice and religion, rather than a race of people. By Lifestyle choice, I’m talking about the Aboriginal People who choose not to have a house or an education, don’t speak English, believe in the Dream time religion and live somewhere very distant and remote bush or desert. In fact, some Aboriginal people think living in a house is against their beliefs as it’s disrespectful to the Land in a culture that doesn’t revolve around possessions. Seriously, I had neighbours who were given a house, but opted to live (very LOUDLY) on the streets and in the bush nearby. True story!
    The money is often used to buy large properties of land and sacred sites, actually protecting the sites from land clearing and mining. Aboriginal People have helped to preserve beautiful Australian landscapes with their over 40, 000 years of expertise. If Victorians had taken the Aboriginal technique of Back Burning more seriously then there wouldn’t have been so much tragedy and devastation come the brushfires. A lot of the damage that occurred was avoidable. Darwin has been ahead of the rest of Australia in the fire controlling technique of Back Burning for at least over a decade. Aboriginal medicine also contains some healing properties that would be very handy in Western Medicine. Some Lady managed to find my Grandpa some kind of a natural plant that stopped and reduced the swelling and healed my Grandpa’s leg when the hospital would have otherwise amputated it. There’s an amazingly complex culture that I wish I knew more about. The money is often used to buy large properties of land and sacred sites to protect the sites from land clearing and mining and helping to preserve beautiful Australian landscapes. Money in Australia is given to Churches, Private Religious Schools ect as part of Religion. Well, the Land has some kind of an intense meaning in the Dreamtime Religion…

    As to the drunks you are talking about → Many of the people living off other peoples taxes, with no jobs, in the cities have actually been REJECTED from their own tribe or community for anti social behaviour and breaking traditional laws. Thus, bringing the antisocial behaviour to cities (like Darwin), misrepresenting Aboriginal culture as drunken and aggressive to tourists and other people living in the cities, including the descendants of Aboriginal people. The Descendants are Aussies that work hard to try and adjust, or have already adjusted to Australian culture and life in the city. Their lifestyle is often very westernised and and some refuse payments and to be recognised as Aboriginal because some find it difficult to relate to the culture and recognise themselves as Aussies too. Some have just moved to the cities for the first time, with an optimistic and sometimes shy outlook and do need a bit of help setting up a house for the kids, uniforms, bank accounts, learning English ect. Furthermore, a HUGE amount of money is generated from Aboriginal Culture as result of tourism. There are people who want to see Aboriginal Artwork, traditional rock painting ect. Also, money is made through displaying the artwork on postcards, rulers, magnets, cups, plates, the didgeridoo, boomerangs ect. Aboriginal People definitely aren’t a financial hangup…

  24. @genta aboriginal is a word used to describe a native nationality of people in a country

    australian aborigines
    canadian aborigines

    just examples of what aboriginal means

    and aborigines in australia have the freedom to choose which way they choose to live either there old way or the white mans way and there arnt to many that choose the old way aye

    Most often parents are advised to both take care of their children (as happened to my uncle when his girlfriend cheated on him for another guy). However, if it’s a case where a Man has domestically abused the Wife and threatened to harm the children (as in my Auntie’s situation in which she was bashed up by her Husband for many years and he threatened to harm her child if she left him), then the Australian Court, as in many Countries, obviously considers whether it’s safe to award custody to the Dad. Not all media in Australia is biased around Women being the Victim. In fact, since you’re in QLD, you might as well go to LaBoite Theatre and see the play ‘Stockholm’, about an abusive Woman who controls her husband…I would like to think that in this circumstance, the abusive Mum wouldn’t have received custody of the children in a court case.

    One of my Uncle’s ended up raising my Cousin alone after his Wife abandoned them, that is until several years later my Auntie met him and they’ve been together ever since then. It was her loss because he’s a really nice person who contently cooks, cleans and helps out around the house. So, it’s untrue to say that there aren’t’ single Dad’s out there. Also, a few of my friend’s have had Mum’s who’ve died of cancer, leaving their Dads’ single. So, yeah, I agree, there should be more centres opened up to support Single Dad’s in need. Raising a child alone has gotta be one heck of a task. Apparently, raising one kid costs on average…was it over $1.75 million alone?

    I’m not going to say Aussie Men generally aren’t nice, cos my Dad and my Uncle’s and my friend’s Dad’s did a lot of the cooking a cleaning around the house, come to think of it.
    I used to ask him if I could cook dinner when I was living there, but he said that he preferred to do it…and it was rare that I got to cook what I wanted.
    I think my Dad actually likes to cook…like he finds it fun or something?
    I can remember how when I was living at home Dad used to put on his radio and whistle or sing along whilst cooking a scrumptious dinner <3
    My Mum would meanwhile read through our bills and work out our expenses.
    Who says that cooking and cleaning is a Women’s job anyway?
    It makes sense that any person in general should like cooking since we all end up eating what we cook.
    When I lived in Asia, ¾ of the households I lived in, the Dad’s either cooked or helped with cooking meals every night

    I think Aussie Women want to work for similar reasons that Aussie Men want to work. The money is needed for food, to be able to afford for their children the opportunity to do great things, like go to Uni or learn a musical instrument ect,
    Has a Woman here ever actually demanded for you to pay for her date?
    I think that many offer to pay. But, the man insist because it’s polite and because:
    To get that smooth leg feeling you might like is the result of waking. The cost is going to be more than your date, that’s for sure!
    Also, there are hygienic reasons that Men don’t have (we have a menstrual cycle HELLO!) ect.
    The elastic in our bras also only lasts for so long and I’m guessing that you don’t need to buy bras.
    If you want to date cheaply, then you’d be looking for someone with hairy legs, no make-up, no bra , blood stains and possibly aggravated PMS from not being able to afford pain killers ect…
    Now that is called being realistic ♪


    I know what the word technically means in English, but does every Australian word and slang conform to technical English?

    I’ve been told to use ‘Aboriginal’ rather than ‘nes’ for a different reason, the one explained above. Notice the difference if you go to the NT and you can tell a local apart from a QLDer lol.
    Our accent is also a bit different. Interestingly, the number of Men there outnumber the number of Women. But you prob wouldn’t like it since an American Military Navy Commander or some high up dude got offended by the lack of clothes the girls wear up there. I think the lack of clothes is proportionate to the horrible, humid weather and that the average age in the NT is like 30 or something because older people can’t stand the climate. But, yeah, you’re right, American Army Guys are very popular with the local girls. ^_~ ☆

  27. This is funny how the blog was written in 2006, and I think even the OP is sick of it, now! Haha…Genta! ‘The Hills,’ has been axed just recently, but I recommend ‘The City,’ with Whitney Port. You can tell those reality TV shows were loosely based on ‘Sex And The City,’ except with younger women, who are all very fashionable, ambitious career girls.

    Speaking of rom-coms, there’s a reason why Australia can’t produce a proper rom-com – there just isn’t a romantic culture here, unless you call men swearing at footballers and swilling beer ‘romantic.’ Haha…

  28. Hey Eve! Nope, not sick of it :) I’m still here. Just watching quietly in the background.

    I’ve operated FUNKY BROWN CHICK for 5 years now, and it’s always exciting to see which posts inspire tons of interaction & comments and which ones are more reflective with less feedback.

    Actually, had a handful of post hit the 200 – 300 comment mark. For example, I wrote Penis: Cut vs. Uncut the same year I wrote this post. Having received 309 comments and counting, the 1st reaction to the penis post was on Dec 11, 2006 and the most recent one was only a few weeks ago.

    Even when I don’t respond to everything you guys have said, I’m definitely reading :)

  29. I’ve never seen Sex And The City before, but my friend loves it <3
    It’s considered very disrespectful to be rude to the Wife or Mum at all, so it sounds, from your description, like you ended up with someone like one of the tools in this thread~☆
    Naww, all the Aussie guys I know cook and clean for their Gals :(
    My little brothers are absoloute sweethearts :)
    Maybe I’m just lucky; though, all my life lol!

    I reckon join a netball club and invite friends over to drink and watch the Netball together on tv…wonder what he’d do about that, hey?

    We are a pretty sport mad bunch, I will admit…
    Have you ever seen those huge footy guys playing netball in the flicky skirt? lol
    I know a few that ended up doing it after pressure from their sisters’ teams because they needed an extra player or the would forfeit.

  30. Ahhh! I love Australian men! I want an Aussie friend who is a guy *groaps* I will not date until I find my Aussie guy yet at my high school its lame beacause there is apsalotly no Australian men in my school I don’t know something about them turn me on maybe its their sexy and droolworthy accents that make me melt its like yes sweetheart tell me your shopping list. If I had an Aussie boyfriend..I’d treat him like a freakin teddy bear and never let him go. My best friend is littarly in love with Asians and the whole culture..then me…with Australians. 

  31. Hello, Twanna! Oh, cool, you’re still reading! Haha…You’re probably an expert in Gender Relations in Australia by now! Oh, cool, you’ve got another popular blog! Will check it out!:) Have you ever been to Australia before? It would probably be a massive culture shock! Hehe…Mind you, I think you’re so lucky to be in the US – that’s where the sexiest men alive are – particularly African-American men! They’re so sexy, they just ooze sex appeal from every pore, and I would say they’re the ones that would be droolworthy! Haha…But you’d know about that! :)

    Genta, you haven’t seen ‘Sex And The City’? I’m hanging out to see ‘Sex And The City 2′ in June. should be lots of fun. Haha, at my high school, there was actually a time when the boys played netball in netball skirts! It was pretty funny…But I’m at uni now – I actually think all the girls hang out together, and all the boys hang out together. It’s like voluntary ‘gender segregation.’ I suppose that’s a very Australian social phenomenon.

    Serenity, you’re in the US, I presume…Australian guys are funny – it’s like you never know when they’re going to erupt into some racist/sexist outburst, so it’s like walking around eggshells with them…American guys seem to be a lot more chilled…But then, I suppose the ‘grass is always greener.’ Seriously, American girls should never take all those hot American men for granted! :)

    Meh, they’re not that bad. In the end a Man’s a Man and a Person’s a Person, I reckon…`
    I just got a little narky cos they were winging so much about Aussie Women like we’re some kind of a Saltwater Crocodile or something ><

    Hmm I dunno about that whole racial thing. I think most people here can’t tell whether someone is a local or a foreigner unless their accent sounds foreign (or wear a hat with corks hanging off it lol. But, don’t wear a cork hat because people will think you’re strange). Aussies in general are attracted to people with foreign accents or who are foreign in general, I think. When I came back from Asia I unconsciously had started speaking with a Canadian accent when I lived there, for some bizarre reason, and I got a lot of excited people asking if I could speak French and showering me with compliments ect after I came home. It felt…different.

    I can’t really explain the logic of it, the same as voluntary gender sorta segregation (all is maybe a little extreme and it becomes less segregated as the 1st years start to feel more comfortable) and why people want to choose not to live in houses. But, I guess it’s good to take the good with the bad and every Country have their quirks~ ☆ :)
    Nah, haven’t seen Sex in the City before cos my Mum refused to watch Dramas on tv (prob cos most of the ones here (like Neighbours, Sea Change and Home and Away) have been on the tv since forever and never end..`
    Now that I have a tv I’m really busy…but I’ve been watching Glee Club recently cos I like to sing along lol <3
    It’s one of my fav Dramas so far :)
    But, I’ll think about seeing The Sex in the City :)
    Have you seen the Dorama Hana Kimi before (Hanazakari no Kimitachi he)?
    I reckon you’d prob like it (with subtitles), maybe :)
    It’s about a girl who dresses up as a boy and goes to a boys school in Japan…it’s really funny!

  33. Yeah, I agree about the comments made about Australian women (actually, some were insulting American women, too!)…What really irks me is when they say, “That’s why we have to get Asian women.” Now, that really hits home, because that’s what my dad did – he had to go all the way to the Philippines to meet my mum, so he could get a wife. That desperation is such a turn off! And the Australian-born Asian women aren’t good enough (and women from 1st world countries like Japan and Singapore), because women there aren’t desperate to leave. Australian men know they have to go to the 3rd world Asian countries to get women who are desperate to get out of there! So, I know all about the ‘behind the scenes’ of these couples – ’cause they’re just like my parents! My dad was desperate to get a ‘wife,’ (read, traditional ‘housewife/housekeeper’, ie ‘slave’/maid!) and my mum was desperate to get out of a third world country…In other words, no romance was involved at all…It was just a marriage of convenience.

    And then, a lot of Australian guys think all Asian girls want them, when that isn’t the case at all! Lots of Australian guys thought I’d be easy to ‘pick up,’ ’cause I’m part-Asian – we’re not all desperate! Especially if we’re not located in the 3rd world! And then, if you reject them, they start going off into a racist rant. Which explains everything really – when they say they want an Asian wife, they pretty much mean a ‘slave,’ which is why they target Asian women in the third world, like the Philippines and Thailand. It makes me feel sad for those women. There should be more colleges with international connections in the Philippines and Thailand, so that girls there can receive an education, and not be forced into marriages of conveniences with Western men, just as a ticket out of there. There has to be another way out for them!

    Anyway, Genta, you could borrow the ‘Sex And The City’ DVDs (both the TV series and the film). The ‘Sex And The City’ episodes did come to an end, but then the films took off after that. They’re really funny. Samantha is my favourite character! I haven’t seen Dorama Hana Kimi. I do like to watch a lot of films on SBS, though.

  34. Naww, sucks for your Mum :(
    Can she apply for a citizenship and divorce him!
    What a tool he is!
    Yeah, I found those guy before were really disrespectful (I have a feeling that he was both of the guys in this blog-commentary-thing, though)…oh well, he seems to have shut up…
    My Dad treats my Mum as though she is the most precious and important person to him. I never really appreciated what a cool guy he is until I started writing on here..lol

    One of my close friends’ parents came from the Philippines and she’s had a really different experience with guys <3
    I’m not really sure why that is, though…
    But, it’s so wrong that people are treating you that way!
    If people spoke to me that way…I would apply to them my kick boxing skills maybe… lol.
    No one is cheap, there just shouldn’t be a price tag on a person as a person is priceless <3
    Having a partner that can only provide cooking and cleaning isn’t the same as having one that you love and want to spend time with, hey <3
    One thing is for sure is that my Dad would get seriously pissed at my brothers’ ever behaved disrespectfully like that. Once my Dad saw an email (chain mail) that my little brother’s friend had sent my brother, with a Woman without a top on, and ouch it was not a pretty site!
    After telling him off for ages about being sexist, he banned my brother from the computer, xbox, internet, tv and all things technical for about ½ a year lol. My brother wasn’t too happy with his friend after that…I felt sorry for my brother, cos obviously he didn’t know his friend had sent him porn or he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to open it in front of my parents…oh well, lesson learnt…and time to find new friends…my Dad has strong reactions to stuff like that cos something terrible happened to my Mum when she was a child and he loves her.
    I reckon Women around the World are possibly just starting to get treated better lately. I mean, in my Grandparents generation the Women were expected to cook and clean ect. Also, the Men were expected to work ridiculously long hours, not cook ect. But, now it’s very different <3
    I’m hoping that in the future, this trend will continue until ALL Women can be treated well! :)
    I think it’s better now because Women and Men have more of a choice about how they want to live without their being so much of a social stigma against it. I mean, it’s okay for the Men to dress up nicely and surf and spend a bit of time indulging themselves and many want to spend a lot of time with their children and families. And then, most Women work and expect help around the house ect
    It would be great if everyone had the choice <3

    I don’t really know who Samantha is cos I’ve never seen Sex in the City before, but yeah, I will see if I can borrow some Episodes when there’s time :)
    Have you seen Glee Club before?
    Hana Kimi’s really great too. If you have a lot of internet download space then you can watch it on there for free. The Doramas are usually released onto the net in case pple miss an episode. Or, depending on where you live, I’ve found the Dorama in a DVD store for really cheap <3
    My fav character is Nakatsu lol. :)

  35. *tune* Feminism killed the chivalry star! doo doo doo dee dee dee dum!

    Seriously ladies you can’t cry “EQUAL RIGHTS” and expect the OLD SCHOOL courtship ways!

    BUT please do not take that comment as disrespect, its merely a shift in culture.


  36. I just skimmed over some of the posts…why are you still talking about random pathetic tv shows!?!?! Get over your fantasy life women!! Gawd…anyways I am in Australia and loving every minute of it…even though it is winter I still go in the water and get a glorious tan….

    I completely agree with “Old mate”, you can’t expect chivalry if you want equal rights etc. Heck you can’t expect chivalry if you are laying around on the couch watching “the hills” or “sex and the city”…who wants a layabout, boring woman for a gf etc…heck I wouldn’t want a bf who just sits on his ass laying around doing fuck all

  37. p.s. how does it make sense when the aussie girl comes into a relationship with nothing, and after some time of not working, laying on her ass watching “sex and the city”…she can leave with half of all his possessions….how the fuck does that make sense??? this just disgusts me…keep begging for chivalry because i sure don’t believe these types deserve it

  38. @ Arielle I ALREADY have an amazing, intelligent, kind and beautiful Man :) and if you’re content to expect pple like the troll in here to walk all over you then that’s the kinda guy you’re going to end up with!
    No envy coming from me, I can tell you that! :P

    Eve has every right to complain. There’s a guy who’s been mistreating her Mum as an object and if my Dad was like that to my Mum then I would be pretty fed up with it too!
    It doesn’t matter on the Nationality or Culture, a Man who only cares about how much a woman cooks and cleans does not result in a happy house hold. I know this through experience of living with a lot of different families as an exchange student and the dynamics in my huge own family!
    Trust me, my beautiful Cousin had a very agreeable personality and cooked, cleaned, did everything for Husband to try and please him. But, still he ended up cheating on her and her baby boy. In the end, they had fallen out of love with each other because she was being treated as an object more than a person, and he forgot the wonderful parts of her personality that he fell in love with in the beginning. After that, he forgot about how to appreciate someone cooking a nice meal for him!
    Since then, she has rethought herself and found a wonderful new husband (well not so new anymore) and they share housework and looking after the kids as something that he wants to do!
    They love each other very much and the relationship has lasted 6 times longer and still going stronger than with the tool from before and they have had kids too. The guy from the previous relationship came begging for her to take him back, but of course…who would want a disrespectful lout like him when you can be with someone who loves you for being you?!

    @Pete/ Qld Dude/ Old Mate Troll

    If you want to go back to the days of my Grandparents, then I would be expecting you to hold 4 jobs like my Grandpas’. Most of the Men back then were blue collared workers who worked very hard for their living. My Poppa would leave for work in the dark and come back in the dark. There wasn’t so much time to hang out with friends and have a beer as in your imagination!
    I would also be expecting you to spend a heap of your wages paying for my make up, clothes ect. instead of me paying for them myself because, as a Woman, I would have had difficulty finding work and the social stigma back then was that if the Woman was working then the Man was considered a loser for not being able to single-person-ly being able to afford for her to live at home :P
    You also probs didn’t have a tv cos you wouldn’t have been able to afford it lol.

    Nyways, I’m content with my life I like my life how it is, thank you very much!
    My 3 brothers have grown into very confident young people who feel that they can acheive what they try thanks to their diverse upbringing. They know that they can do everything for themselves as far as lawnmowing, cooking, cleaning, organising, working, sports ect are concerned. If they wanted to travel around the world like that Jessica Woman on tv than they bloody well could!
    I’m so proud of them!~:)

  39. @ EVE

    Do you get a kick out of bashing up on Australian men?? I like to think most of us are great people :) I always offer to pay when taking my girly out to dinner, although most of the time refuses to let me pay and we split the bill. I’ll open a door for her here and there (Im 26) You could only be so lucky as to date one of us :) My circle of mates are similar to me.

    EVE- Maybe its not us men that are the problem, its you…Spending too much time sitting on the couch watching fantasy tv shows, probably stuffing your face with chips and soft drink, all the while comparing the show to real life. Get up off your lazy ass, go for a jog and meet a few people.

    At the moment Eve, i have a mental picture of you- Sitting in your darkened lounge room with the curtain slightly drawn, staring blankly at nothing. Then out of nowwhere a dog appears, grabbing your attention. The dog then procedes to take a huge dump on your grass, you know in your mind that you should hunt it out of the yard, but you can’t as you are slighty aroused…..

    I know your type…EVE :)

  40. News flash!! Sex and the city is a TV show. Its doesn’t apply to real life situations LMAO ;)

    If you think it does, and a couple of you do, then you my friends, are FKN IDIOTS :)

  41. @ genta….
    i didnt realize i was asking if you have a man…
    but if you thought it was important to address me about your partnership…then that’s cool

    i too have an awesome man…and he is australian…i dont understand what troll you are referring to…”and if you’re content to expect pple like the troll in here to walk all over you then that’s the kinda guy you’re going to end up with!”….(what the fuck are you talking about here??? are you smoking some dank shit or something?) you are confusing me as i haven’t had time to read your long lists of posts…but i just simply mentioned that tv shows are not real…(duh!)…and i find most women to be materialistic and ignorant of the world around them…but if having a “man” is so important…keep telling random chicks you don’t know your relationship status
    ummm ya…

  42. Hmmm I didn’t realise I was walking over anyone when I wrote that post.

    With sensitivity like that its no wonder you girls (eve end genta more specifically) seem to have such a problem with us. The harshness of the land and our past has shaped us into what may seem as less sensitive than what you would probably be accustomed to.

    That is not just the men, but the women too. A perfect example is the “Jessica woman on TV” (Jessica Watson). 16 years old and circumnavigates the world in a 10 metre long yacht. A particular mental toughness is required for that.

    That is how we are, thats how we will stay. If you don’t like it, you are in the wrong thread.

    P.S Arielle I like your view on the situation. You seemed to have adjusted to here like a duck to water.

  43. also Eve and Genta, you girls need to get treatment from the “buuurrn” clinic….

  44. @ Pete Huh! I just don’t put up with bullcrap!
    If you don’t like my opinion then that’s your problem, but I’m not changing it because you think everything should revolve around your own opinions and thoughts boo hoo!
    That people should cook and clean for you, that you should be able to not give your girlfriend any attention, that a Woman from the Asia should be happy to be used as your personal chef and maid so that you spare her eyes. Get real!
    I can factually prove that Aussie Men in general are happy with their girls that’s misrepresented through winging tossers like yourself…but the same statistics deem Aussie Men to be the worst husbands in the world…something that I don’t agree with myself because most of the Men I know here are actually awesome!
    Also, Eve is entitled to express her own opinions if she wants to. I can see where she’s coming from!
    If you go to the Philippines for someone to cook and clean for you this might be a warning that if you decide to have children there’s a possibility that they will be very upset with your decision after they’ve discovered the truth!
    Futhermore, there’s no ‘we’ in this!
    There’s ‘you’ and your trolls, but of all the guys I’ve know here in my life, including my cousins boyfriend who realised he was being a tool too late to save his marriage, I’ve never heard from anyone as disrespectful as you. Not ‘we’- ‘you’.

    @ Arielle Right back at you. What kind have YOU been smoking, hey?!
    If guys like Pete are your type then it seems to me as though you are letting them walk all over you because you can find so much nicer people here. From his posts all I get is that he wants someone to cook and clean and do everything for them without showing any affection and he doesn’t even freakin like sex or want love. Dude, that’s not normal!
    Particularly the anti-sex part!
    And you were totally cool with it!
    He even slammed his own Mum down on Mothers Day. I’m an Aussie girl myself and I’m telling you that if he was the last Man on Earth, well then, I’m proud to say that I’d rather date an Aussie Woman than a tool like him!
    I don’t mind telling anyone my relationship status because I have an absoloutel amazing Man that I’m proud!
    There’s no shame in saying it! :)

  45. Genta – I agree with some of your points but I also have to add that there is a lot of ..well…just say MISS FACTS in your post as well.

    So let me prove my point.

    Firstly No man would marry or live with any women – from anywhere if they didnt respect them or get along with them, so I think your point about Aussie men wanting a slave to do the dishes and cook are very unrealistic and tottaly without foundation and that is obviously not why Aussie men go for Asian women.

    If Aussie men only went for Asians to cook and clean then wouldnt word get back to Asia that Aussie men are terrible and they just want a slave, and if that was the case, why do so many Asian women want Aussie men so badly.

    Now before you say it is because Aussies are rich – let me remind you that wealth is retrospective. On average the Aussie wage is around $50,000 and if you are not aware, the cost of living in Austrlaia is among the highest on earth, so the only time an Aussie would be rich is if he had an Aussie wage and lived in Asia – its relative – you need to understand that an average wage there is the same as an average wage here – if I earn $50,000 and my cost of living is $40,000 then I earn $10,000 but if I live in Asia and only earn $20,000 but my cost of living is only $15, 000 then I earn $5,000 but that $5,000 is worth more becasue the cost of living is so low – so I dont buy into the thought process that Asians come here to escape poverty.

    Of the times I have been to Asia the most common thing said by an Asian woman when trying to persuade an Aussie guy is “I look after you” isnt that funny – so perhaps its just that this is inbuilt into their culture to do a lot of things like cook and clean….I am not saying that they should have to, I am just saying what you may have seen is perhaps just traditional people doing normal life the way they know how.

    In the same way that they may see us as stupid for buying $500 shoes because we saw Sarah Jessica Parker talk about them – You may think them doing the dishes is odd..perhaps just two different cultures at play.

    BUT – THE INTERESTING THING IS – why do these Asian women from Phillipines or Thailand know to say things like that and be nice to Aussie men – perhaps its because each time they so much as smile the poor Aussie guy says “wow aussie women aren’t that nice and they would NEVER do that for me” perhaps they have heard from Aussie guys what Aussie girls are like.

    In reality to move to another country and try to assimulate is hard – try thinking about moving to Asia and not knowing Asian language or customs.

    So then why do Asians want to have aussie boyfriends?

    Because Aussie guys are great, helpful, honest and hardworking, they are NOT racist and they are very attentive to womens needs – hence why they all want to marry one.

    PERHAPS the big question is WHY do Aussie guys go all the way to another country, put up with a language barrier, pay large sums of money, even get married and have to adapt their culture…not to mention having to support someone from another country – WHY do they do that………… it seems like a lot of hard work when there are girls here already….well I think we all know the reasons why this is happening – because it just aint worth putting up with shallow greedy selfish and disloyal girls that just continually WANT and DEMAND.

    I dont know any male who would not prefer sex, affection or love to watching the footie – so perhaps again its just that we dont want to put up with your CRAP.

    The interesting part is that we are called racist yet more asians WANT to come here – the VERY sad truth is that flights to such countries are now as low as $600 return (about one shopping weekend with a demanding Aussie girl) so more and more and more go in search of Asian GF’s.

    Do you think it is any coincedence that new airlines from Australia now go more to Bankok and now Direct to Phuket as well as recently to Vietnam – hmmmm I dont think so….the scary part  for Aussie women is that this has only just started – so in 10 years time there will be a lot of single demanding aussie women whos only option (pauses to laugh) is to date guys from other countries who would NEVER stand for their crap…try your crap on in Asia and see how well it works for you – LOL

    The FACTS are – Aussie men are saught after the world over – why because we are awesome – we are playful, fun, loyal and great partners – (wasn’t this original thread about that) – so keep living your fantasy world ladies and keep treating us like crap….because that just makes the flights cheaper and cheaper!

    Genta – its not hard to work out you are a typical Aussie girl – all I need to do to see that is read your frist line – which pretty much sums up the attitude of Aussie girls.

    “if you don’t like my opinion then that’s your problem,” – Genta (on behalf of Aussie women everywhere)


  46. who is this genta chick?? does she make assumptions out of nothing (yes!)…ummm my fiance is named ian…and no hunny he doesn’t walk all over me…we do things for EACH OTHER…huh?? stop being such a tight ass and bend over once and a while…its not hard…o wait…if it isn’t you’ve got problems…but ya maybe you will like it …..stop being such a bitch to people you have no idea about….and go watch your soap operas and learn about life…adios bella

  47. i was living in south korea for the last year…and i have many asian female friends…the reason why they like white men is because their culture is a “cheating” culture, in that men work far from home, and have mistresses on the side, while the women take care of the family….white men find asian women attractive, simply because they are….they are more feminine and traditional than most white women….so let an aussie man have what he wants…i don’t get why the asian stereotype was even brought into this conversation…unless these aussie women feel threatened by them

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