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Keeping with the tradition of “Manly Mondays” I thought I’d dedicate today to penises because, well, you know, men have them and women don’t. Penises. They’re everywhere. And, if you’re even 50% less naïve than I was the first time that I started seeing them, you probably all ready know that not all penises look the same. Uncircumcised penises (with foreskins) look quite different than circumcised ones. And—again, if you’re less naïve than I used to be—you probably all ready know that American men are circumcised, but most of their brethren in other parts of the world aren’t.

Yes, folks, it’s true: international hotdogs come with buns.

Besides appearance, of course–is there really any difference between cut and uncut? If you live outside of the US, tell me, are the men in your country cut? And, finally … cut or uncut – what’s your preference?

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  1. Patricia, you are absolutely correct, it shows that you’re an authority on the subject. I admire someone that takes the pride you have and with your projecton of information. oSo when i actually do sit down to read material, I appreciate well written and organized blogs like this one. I have it bookmarked and will be back. Thanks.

  2. This post will get incredibly clinical! :D) Part of the problem stemming from the American Foreskin Holocaust is that American clinical discussions of sexuality do NOT do justice to the sexual capabilities of the tender male bits sacrificed to circ. This post attempts to correct that situation.
    The foreskin has a subtle influence on the entire ecology of human sexuality. For starters, it facilitates masturbation. This is nontrivial. I submit that men who masturbate easily and often tend to be more civilised in their interactions with the fair sex.

    The foreskin is the expansion joint of the penis, in that it supplies the extra skin needed to accommodate erection. As is the case with many intact men, erection makes my foreskin disappear. Some boys I grew up with struck me as having no loose skin while flaccid. I wondered how they could have comfortable erections, much less enjoy sex. From what some cut men have posted here and there on the internet, my concern was well taken.

    The foreskin prevents the glans from gradually drying out and losing most or all sensation. I gather that many American men cease having sex in their 50s. The first suspect that should be investigated is the extinction of sexual sensation resulting from mucus membranes being in contact with underwear for decades following an infant circumcision.

    The bits removed by circ facilitate her doing foreplay on him with her fingers instead of her mouth. I now argue that the American fascination with oral sex is an iatrogenic consequence of routine circumcision. Once upon a time, oral sex used to be the specialty of sex workers. It entered the USA mainstream in the 1950s, when the typical American teenage boy became circumcised. Furtive oral sex with an intact man is not pleasant, because furtive rules out his rinsing off before letting her initiate oral. Circ facilitates the quick BJ anywhere after dark.
    Sex sessions with my wife begin with our doing finger foreplay on each other. She carefully strokes my frenulum and kneads the frenular delta, the part of the inner foreskin that anchors the frenulum. Playing with foreskin stimulates precum. The moving foreskin then spreads the precum around to where it can be effective. The whole combination of precum and foreskin makes for a very inviting package for vaginal insertion. I should grant that my wife uses a dab of KY even with intact yours truly.  After 30-45 minutes of this, we switch to vaginal intercourse. We are so wet and so excited that she comes in 5 minutes and I in 10.

    Foreskin helps initial penetration and the moving foreskin cushions the thrusting. Because there are a lot more nerve endings in contact with the vaginal wall, an intact man does not need to thrust fast and hard to obain pleasure. He is happy going no faster than he or she breathes. Meanwhile, cut men are able to thrust too fast, too hard, and too deep. A woman sex radical devoted a YouTube video to a certain style of vaginal intercourse popular among insensitive young men, which she called “Power f—ing,” and described as thrusting as fast as possible from the very outset. No gradual buildup. This loathesome activity is distasteful and unnatural to an intact man.
    After age 45 or so, if I don’t use a condom, my wife regularly climaxes several times before I do. When I finally do climax, it is together with her final time. We do not have the timing and premature issues that seem to plague so many USA marriages.

    The foreskin greatly facilitates intercourse between the upper thighs, foot jobs, and in the breast cleavage. These activities are no longer important to me, but are harmless and float some boats.

    The greater sensitivity of intact men can seem excessive before age 30 or 40. But I believe that the intact penis really comes into its own in middle age (I am 57).

    To research this post, I browsed Craigslist, whose gay matching ads routinely mention a preference for uncut men. This confirmed that gay men indeed are the great American foreskin connaisseurs, and as such could surely extend this discussion. Only a handful of straight men mention they are uncut. Women looking for men never express a preference. But I predict that some will by 2020! Straight porn, unlike the gay kind, seldom does justice to what the foreskin can do, but that too could change over the next 10 years or so.
    The following link is to a YouTube video where Paula Young, and intelligent women and the mother of a 26 year old son, says black on white that sex with an intact penis is much better:
    Somebody should open a YouTube channel devoted to women’s testimonials of the advantages of intact and restored.
    In the documentary film “Cut,” the wife of Ron Low, the inventor and manufacturer of the most popular foreskin restoration device, explained how her marital sex life improved when her husband restored his foreskin. She was very much the wife next door type. You could tell that she was not used to articulating her sex life, much less doing so on camera. Nevertheless, I sensed that she felt that what she had to say advanced a good cause. So she swallowed hard, blushed, and the words came out, not easily but with a sweet smile. After her husband restored, vaginal intercourse felt a good deal better, and they were at last able to climax together. We need more testimonials of this nature.

    I should grant that many American women report that vaginal sex feels the same whether or not he’s cut. Others report that since they only interact with erect penises, they have not noticed whether any of their partners have been uncut. Two American women have written books on the pleasures of the intact penis, but I cannot endorse either one. We need more research, including more careful interviews of women by sophisticated women. The Hite Report was woefully inadequate here.

    If what I write here is broadly true of a fair number of women, there is a time bomb ticking under American routine neonatal circumcision. It’s not a matter of IF but only of WHEN.
    Finally, an explosive feminist issue. I have recently come to suspect that circ facilitates rape. This began when I read that Scandinavian law enforcement authorities are quietly disclosing that the vast majority of rapes in their countries are committed by circumcised Moslem immigrants. A hard fact from my experience is that I can neither penetrate nor move inside a dry vagina. My ridged band and retracted foreskin catch and snag on her vaginal wall, putting very unpleasant tension on my frenulum. Not only is this very unpleasant for her, it is downright painful for me. If her vagina is not nice and wet, I simply cannot perform. I suspect that this stricture is less true of cut men.
    The following post is from a mother’s blog:
    Most of that link consists of useful links to points of view related to this post. However, I reserve judgement on the potted summary of Kristen O’Hara’s conclusions. The second comment on this drmomma post, by “Anonymous,” is typical of the warm praise of the intact penis some American women express on the net.

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  4. Hey everyone Uncut maori/samoan from New Zealand

    I read someone else is from New Zealand on here so that prompted me to write something… and hes right its fully acceptable to be cut or uncut

    My take on American Ignorance is not that at all …what happens when your not feeling great about yourself … you put others down?> well you could apply that to cut guys (generally) who may feel insecure about not being a complete man…without foreskin

    this is just a thought by the way im not a know it all at all hahaha

    I think US Circ Rate has been recorded to have dropped to 50% this is great news cos i have a fantasy of hookn up wit an uncut american. I think foreskins are hot and american men 2 so to have them in one is just what i like hahaha

  5. About 85% of the people that has commented on this topic, I would say are a bunch idiotic, immature set of people I have ever ran into. Both you men and women! I mean come on! To all of my women that constantly brags and say that they cannot stand sleeping with an uncut man because they are less clean and have a very foul odor?? Are you kidding me? And then you wonder why the majority of the men (especially on here) don’t have an ounce of respect for you!! Seriously, tell me, do you women really think that you’re that perfect that you don’t stink just as bad if not even worst?? How would you like it if the men told you to get your “lips” and clitoris chopped off to reduce the foul odor you carry around with you?? How would you feel then?? Don’t ever judge another person unless you’ve walked in their shoes… The bottom line is, cut or uncut, women and men, it is the responsibility of both parties to keep themselves cleaned and smelling “minty fresh” AT ALLLLLL TIMES!!!!! It’s in our job description to keep a healthy/proper hygiene!!!….. OH! AND TO ALL MY MEN! I hope you didn’t think that I was going to leave this website without getting on your case right?? Now I know that some of the women on here have been giving you all a hard time (especially the un-cut men) and saying all sorts of hurtful things about you, but come on, some of you guys have really been taking it a bit too far, with how our vaginas look, how they smell like the yeast factory and what not, but lets face it. You guys come up with all of these disadvantages about a woman’s vagina, but yet, you are the very one’s that can’t keep yall penises out of them!!! I just don’t get it!! If the vagina grosses you guys out soooo much, why continue sticking your perfectly “royal scepters” into the “death chamber??” Why not make it easier on yourselves and just turn completely GAY (or masturbate for the rest of your life) so you wouldn’t have to deal with this? I mean, you wouldn’t have to deal with the scent nor the funny shape of the vagina right???  Why don’t we all just call it truss and stop bashing each other about why we do and don’t like cut/uncut penises? Women, if you want our men to show you some respect, don’t disrespect them the way you do by looking down your noses at them! Men may act tough but they have feelings too. Some are even as sensitive as we are…. And to all my men, yall really need to show us women more love and respect! Lets face it, for those of you who are not gay, and you eventually get tired “using your hands”, you’re gonna want a women in your life… eventually… someone to cuddle with and make the most mind blowing, passionate love to! :) So why don’t we all just graduate from this childish stage in our lives and MATURE into full grown adults huh?!!!


  6. NO difference. I decided not to have my second son circumcised because it really was an unnecessary procedure. Plus there have been so many ‘accidents’.

  7. Many women convert to Islam. So apparently they want cut dick.

  8. @maori dude Fellow Kiwi here. I am very happy to read that you have all your bits despite having some Samoan ancestry. I salute your Maori ancestors for never coming to the New Zealand circ obsession party that ruled the roost here, 1925-75.

    @Caribbean girl Hugs to you islanders for not snipping your baby boys.

    I don’t want to challenge your rant, but let me say this. When guy and girl get together for the first time in private, she should check out his equipment. This includes looking and smelling under his foreskin, if he’s uncut (yum!). This is a test whose passing grade ain’t 70% but 100%. If you are not totally satisfied with him, invite him to take a shower with you. If he’s gonna stick his thang into you, you have a right to wash it first, gently mind you.

    He should take the hint. On any future occasion, if you are not 100% confident that he’s clean. tell him gently to rinse himself off in the bathroom sink. I assure you from experience that this is a tiny tiny thing to ask.

    @Neo: I don’t want to challenge your rant either, which I did not fully understand.

    Like me, you are intact because your were born in continental Europe, where circumcising babies is simply not an option. You come to the USA, and find yourself surrounded by cut boys at the urinal, the locker room, summer camp, etc. The last time a boy told me “your dick looks like a worm and that’s so weird man” I was 9 years old. At that time, neither he nor I knew why we differed as we did. Once your out of high school, no fellow dude will ever look down you for being uncut. Your penis is nobody’s business but yours.

    The persisting problem is the ladies, and FBC started this thread with that fact in mind. She learned to appreciate the AntEater, as did my wife 15 years before I met her.

    Continental women almost never have an “opinion” on this subject. For them, men are AntEaters and the Pope is Catholic! Some British women have compared both types, because about 4% of UK men in their 20s and 30s are cut, and a few British women are aware of the robust internet discussion among younger American women.  I know of only one other country where the sexual advantages and disadvantages of cut and intact are debated: Australia.

    In all discussions of this nature I’ve read on the internet, something is invariably left out. In Europe, circumcision is the mark of Moslem ancestry, and Moslem immigrants and their children are at the bottom of European society. (Many European men of Jewish ancestry are now intact.) In the USA, circumcision was strongly positively correlated with parental income and mother’s education. Before 1940, being circumcised meant that you were born in an urban hospital in a middle class family. Your mother understood hygiene, and knew that a future of your social class expected a circumcised husband. Circumcision was a “cattle brand” signaling better origins.

    The AntEater, on the other hand, signaled home birth attended by a midwife. It meant that your parents were rednecks and functionally illiterate. If you were intact and born in a city, your parents were hyphenated Americans, often working class Roman Catholics. Upwardly mobile parents “knew” that the “right sort” of boys in school and summer camp would be circumcised. The AntEater was a class stigma marked in your flesh.

    Routine circumcision began out of a desire to reduce male sexual pleasure and the “immorality” of masturbation, and to spare mothers and nannies the indignity of having to pay attention to hygiene under the foreskin of their sons. By 1920 or 30, these motives had ebbed, but routine circ became ever more popular. Why? Because the circed penis marked you as belonging to the middle class.

    In the 1960s, Medicaid made it possible for every mother to give birth in a hospital, whether or not she had insurance. In the 1960s and 70s, Medicaid also always picked up the cost of routine circumcision. The result was that circ ceased to be a class and status marker. Is it any surprise that more and more educated white families have given up circ during the past 35 years?

    I know personally a Chicano who had himself circumcised at 25 years of age, well before his marriage, as part of his upwardly mobile life course.

    Never never underestimate snobbishness as a very powerful driver of human behaviour!

    The men who, from 1870 to 1940, pushed to make routine neonatal circumcision part of the American way of life, made an unconscious assumption. Women would seldom have sex before marriage with more than one man. And if they did, their partners would be of their own social class. Sex before marriage, with multiple partners, is now accepted in a way that our ancestors would have deemed unthinkable. Moreover, university life brings together people of widely differing backgrounds. One consequence of what I am describing here, is that more and more young women have tried both cut and intact. Not all prefer intact, but enough do so to threaten the Rule of the Bald Johnson. Every time an undergraduate woman tells her dorm buddies that her date the previous weekend was unusually hot because he was uncut, she is sowing the seeds of future intactivist Moms.

  9. I sm uncut also and will be soon 47years old the twenty of this month went I was born my lung clasps and they told my mom I was to weak to have it cut.

  10. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…

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  12. I commented on your last thread and seen this one. Though’t id have my say :) I’m 26 and cut. Its surprising how many women compliment me on having a nice dick. Years ago i just though a dick was a dick :)

    I’m glad my parents had the sense to have me cut so that i didn’t have to get it done as a man!!

    Most guys on here that are uncut are talking it up as they, being men, are too chicken shit to have it done. Burk bok bok bok lol. To them i say, its worth the pain to have a nice, smooth, uniform and sophisticated shaft.

    Rather than a half chewed and regurgetated sausage roll. Honestly, use your brain guys, if you were a women, what would you like……


    100% clean 100% smooooottthhhhaaaaaaa yeah :)

  13. OH, and as for the sensitivity nonsense, i have no trouble getting off, whether it be oral sex or vaginal sex, nor does my beautiful girlfriend. So you can’t use that excuse either :) Keep digging lol.

    Its like women and ear rings, not natural, but shit they look good ;)

  14. Wow hot topic eh!

    Funkybrownchick I love your website but I found it linked off a childfree  blog so I’m not sure whether parents are allowed to post here. If they’re not disregard or delete what I say, no worries.

    Have not  read all the posts here but I figured I’d add my little slice of two-cent pie.

    My husband is cut, my son is not. My second son will not be either. I personally think that the procedure is highly unnecessary in this day and age and the myth that it makes it cleaner is simply that: A Myth.

    Having grown up in the  UK I’ve experienced both cut and uncut men. I personally have no preference. It’s not what it looks like, it’s how it’s used ;)

  15. MommyMeg: OF COURSE parents are allowed to post here. All are welcome to get down with the Funky Brown!! :) One of my first readers, Mama Christy, is a mom and I adore her. Thanks for sharing your thoughts circumcision. Who better to contribute than someone who gives birth and is faced with the big decision?

  16. any girl that thinks an uncut penis is dirty if not kept clean needs to come to terms with the fact that girls are far more likely to get vaginal infections than boys, and that the treatment for vaginal infections is anti-biotics, and that it should be the same for boys. the genital hygiene obsession is forced unfairly on boys and not girls. its sexist to think boys need their internal sexual anatomy permanently desensitised and exposed to please women. you women would not like the idea of your labia majora and clitoral hood removed so all your pink pits are permanently exposed to please men. women are circumcised in countries to make themselves more attractive to men, its sexism to think the reverse is completely acceptable, for girls to discuss mens bodies as if theyre objects to the point where cutting parts of the genitals is trivial, even if that means at birth. people need to be re-educated that men have rights just as women do, because you oviously dont know that. there are studies that suggest female circumcision reduces the risk of hiv, perhaps weak studies, but studies just as weak as the studies suggesting the same for male circumcision. but as a sexist society, male circumsion is now recomended by the un as a means of preventing hiv and that info is now required to be given to parents if they have a boy. the same info showing female circ can reduce hiv will never be given to parents. use of condoms makes whether being cut or uncut not an issue for any of the sexually transmitted problems suggested to be lowerd with cutting the genitals. and if you think boys arent to be trusted with use of condoms, then girls should be given the responsibilty of using female condoms. circumcision is complete sexism but we will continue to be sexist and trivialise mutilating boys.

  17. I was born in a part of the US where sexual mores were and discussion was taboo : hence, most male babies were cut.  This was OK until one reached puberty and sexual awareness (which was also taboo.  At first, all that was aware was a difference in the male genitals: however, when the onset of puberty arrived  it didn’t take long for boys to begin comparing = uncut guys were generally bigger and seemed to anjoy orgasm on a higher level than those who were Cut. I wish I had’t been cut.

  18. Born, raised and still living in Holland (tof dat je vloeiend Nederlands spreekt, Funkybrownchick!!) and a preference for uncut. Non-islamic / non-jewish Dutch people only circumsize when there is a medical reason like a foreskin that’s too tight. Been with two uncut guys (one American, one Moroccon) and I just didn’t know what to with ‘it’, it made me feel uncomfortable because I was scared to hurt them. Personally, I think it’s child abuse to cut of the foreskin of a young child. It’s not necesarry for hygiene (we all have showers & soap don’t we?). And the aethetic aspect? I have seen real goodlooking dicks with foreskin, once they are hard, the head pops out and the foreskin retracts. And a limp dick never looks aethetically pleasing to me, cut or uncut. It looks cute at best and silly at worst.

    The foreskin is there for a reason. It’s for protection and it has lots of nerve endings. It’s the same with cutting of labia for “aesthetic” purposes. It reduces sensation and I don’t see the point of reducing sexual sensation when the purpose of genitals is sexual sensation (oh yeah, and reproduction ;)

  19. I too am uncut, and have no intentions of fixing it but if I had to defend my self Id say I got the stretch cock and with out the extra skin I dont think I would measure cause when I am erect my cock is hard and has only one wridge with a slight rib just behind the head and I never get complaints

  20.  Cut vs uncut
    My husband now is uncut and i love it, my first and second where both cut
    It was very dry when we would have sex with then had too us lube.
    my Husband now stay very wet when hard and his foreskin is very long, when he is hard it is still cover over. I do enjoy olaiing with it a lot and it has a lot of movement inside of me ‘make me have orgasms.
    you can e-mail me if you like to chat

  21. Well, it is very good, however how about the other choices we have here? Do you mind publishing a further post about them too? Kudos!

  22. Hey, Thank you for the post. I enjoyed reading it. Bookmarked your page! Have a nice day.

  23. I’ve been with both. Uncut is by far preferred by me. I love the way it looks and the way it feels. And if a guy needs to wash what is the trauma and drama of simply asking him to? If a woman needs to wash, the same thing. Are we not all adults here? I seriously have no desire whatsoever to be with an uncut guy again, which is a shame since most guys in the USA are mutilated that way.

    I personally think that mutilation is what made my ex-husband’s penis smaller than normal and was a contributing factor to the insecurity that lead to him being a Narcissistic psychopath. He was SEVERELY cut. His penis could not completely engorge and he was obsessed with oral sex and porn. I do indeed blame that on circumcision (and his wacko family that mutilated him so severely). Seriously, what sort of derangement causes parents to do that to their sons here in the USA. STOP PLEASE STOP IT!!! Until I was with an uncut man, I thought they must be unclean and gross. Then I was. Now all I can think is “I want an uncut man.” So what do I do in the USA? I feel like if I get with another cut man I will be settling. No I am not kidding. How sad that so many people still do that to their kids. 

  24. I was married and at the age of 42 I was circumcised, I found out that being cut was more stinulating to the woman, the head would touch all the right places and get her off more easily, I took pride in this fact, have been with more than 100 different women, and they loved my oral skills as well.

  25. I thought I’d throw a comment in here, as a male, but I’ll give you some background first. I am 56 and gay. I was a Team Leader on the Medical floor at a major hospital in Wichita, Kansas. I also worked as a Charge Nurse for many years in Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitative Centers.

    The one thing that concerned me was a recent study report Ihad read a while back that in a study done of uterine cancer in women, that women married to men who were uncircumcised had a higher rate of uterine cancer than in women married to men who were circumcised. One conjecture was that due to smegma collecting in the ridge behind the head more easily in unircumcised men, that perhaps this allowed the introduction of bacteria and other irritants. (Prolonged skin irritation can lead to cancer.)

    I’ve talked to other gay men who were uncircumcised but who had to be circumcised for medical reasons and they all say the same thing: I wish I had my foreskin back. The trend to routinely circumcise in America has been starting to change for the last 30 years now, and more American men are now being left uncircumcised at birth.

    Many gay men often wonder if they are one way, what it would be like to be the other way. Unfortunately there is no immediate remedy that allows one to find out what it would be like.

    As a gay men, I’ve also found that men have a different preference on how they want oral sex to be performed on them depending on whether they are circumcised or uncircumcised. Before performing oral sex one should be prepared to use the proper technique.

    I hope this is of some help. Take care all!

  26. Funky Brown, there is more and more talk (Facebook etc) among mothers of your generation that cutting babies is weird and cruel. This seems especially true of the mothers 18-25 (yes, there still are a lot of women getting pregnant soon after high school). The all-American bald johnson is gradually going out of fashion. More and more future American hot dogs will come with a bun. More and more mothers are saying that hubby is cut and #1 son is, but the younger ones are not. Mothers, using their real names in FB, are commenting that they think the problems with their marital sex lives are due to hubby’s circumcision. A few even reveal that they’ve gotten down with both kinds of men and prefer the model with all the moving parts. The Fate of the American Foreskin will be decided by conversations in women’s college dorms: every time a cool young woman reveals that her date last weekend was intact and awesome, the seeds of intact are planted in the minds who hear her.

  27. Statistically, un-cut men are between 0.2 and 1 whole inch longer than their cut counterparts. A survey carried out by woman’s weekly said that 89% of women prefer un-cut men. I Live in Ireland and out of 30 guys I’ve “seen” only 2 were cut.

  28. Here in Australia and most of the civilised world if I cut off off a piece of my young son’s ear, or his toe, or I cut off my new born daughter’s external genitalia, or I sliced my son’s skin so that scars would develop, or I knocked out one or more of his teeth, etc, I would very likely go to jail, and rightly so.

    So why is mutilating a child’s penis acceptable to anyone?

    After they are 16 or whatever the age of consent is in your country let them decide for themselves.

  29. Why mutilate children for no reason??
    I live in Ireland where 98% of males are uncut….. Hygiene is not a problem cleaning is taught as part of sex ed at age 12 as cleaning isn’t required before puberty…..pull it back while in the shower let water run over it and your sorted….. My gf told me that during her teens she had a cut bf but she was Un able to make him orgasm by hand ahim was Un able to keep him hard

  30. Well, am 16 and am uncut and i dont know if i should get circumcised or not what do you think.

  31. I also am uncut, and have enjoyed many sexual partners, all have said that they enjoyed sex with me rather than a cut man. All girls have said that they get more feeling from the foreskin moving around the entrance to their vagina, Most women will tell you that the first 2 to 2.5 inches is the best feeling, if they are truthful. I thought I was lucky with a 9 inch penis, but a lot of girls want to see it but not take it in their vagina. Anyway at 71 years of age I still enjoy a good sex life with my uncut penis, and I have had no complaints, even from a 35 year old who said it was the first complete dick she had ever had. Cant wait until Sat. night.

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