May 232007

When I’m not laughing my ass off about Google Smart Ass, I’m working on two proposals that I soooo hope will be well-received by the recepients. If so, I’ll be able to tell you about the stuff sometime soon. But, recently, I spent so much time on the proposals that I didn’t get a chance to write a full FBC post this morning. More later. Until then, you can read all about my grandfather’s penis at Nerve.

  3 Responses to “My Grandfather’s Penis”

  1. I have to say, that is perhaps the most attention-grabbing blog post title. Ever.

  2. I’m at a new job site, and their filter blocks Nerve but doesn’t block So at least I can read up on your exploits here instead of there. So there. Take that web filter!

    Anyway FBC, glad your grandfather has a penis, but I’m not exactly sure why you’d want to blog about it.

  3. Andy: You’re funny! :-)

    Baba Doodlius: If your job blocks access to Nerve, get a new a job!!! :) But, seriously, you bring up a good point … I sometimes forget that some of you out there work in really fascist work environments. AmyD and a few others have mentioned that they can’t access 90% of the internet while at work. So, when I stick up an FBC post that says something like, “oh, fuck it, just go over to Nerve to read the full story about why the guy used the dildo to stir his coffee” you guys are left wondering what I blogged about and why. Sorry about that. On another note … I miss your great / funny / interesting comments at Nerve.

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