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“You can be the doctor, and I’ll be the sexy nurse. No? Okay, well, how about this: You dress up as the sexy flight attendant in tight pants, and I’ll be the pilot?” I can honestly say that I’ve never had that conversation with any of my ex lovers during the Halloween season. I’m not opposed to complementary costumes, per se; it’s just never happened before. Given that I’m flying solo this Halloween ( … as I did the year before and the year before that … ), I’d have to say that the complementary costume idea is out the window again. Although my little entourage of friends and I will probably go out partying together somewhere here in the city, we’re sure as hell not going to dress up in matching costumes. That would be too, you know, odd. Couples that do that are “cute”. I’m not sure that the same can be said for a pack of friends.

Halloween costume. Damn. The first of the Halloween festivities begin this weekend, and I have no idea what I’ll wear. In previous years, I was CatWoman, a cheerleader, a queen, and other marginally fun & sexy characters. Last year, I almost stole Mitch’s killer idea of dressing up as a kissing booth. This year, I’ve delayed the daunting task of thumbing through the piles of picked-over costumes. I’m considering dressing up as a French maid or something like that. Maybe I’ll plan to shop online this year. Yahoo News reminds us that “[e]verything from wanton witch to naughty nurse outfits can be found in costume shops across the country and on the Internet.” Thanks for the tip, Yahoo. Another tip? Apparently, pirates are big again this year — for men and women. Aye, what should Me wear for Halloween? I’m not sure. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? If you’ve got a great sexy Halloween costume idea for a single woman flying solo, feel free to leave it in the comment section. (And, of course, if you’ve already picked out a great costume idea for yourself, tell us about it!)

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  1. Nothing saying a group of friends can’t wear complimentary costumes! Some co workers of mine are going out as a rainbow (1 colour each). My sister and a classmate (who are studying massage therapy, so, biology and the like) are going as a pair of eyeballs. Not sure if that’s “Cute,” exactly, but it’ll be funny!

    As for myself…no idea. I’m headed to Seattle this weekend to perform in a couple of shows, which is cool, but kind of kills any plans to go out for Halloween. I may go and see a show on Halloween night, which will probably mean something random and hopefully sexy that I drag out of my costume box, finished with bright red lipstick.

    For you…do you ever plan your outfits around an accessory? Like you wake up one day and you think to yourself, “Self, I really want to wear my lime green earrings” – and then you plan everything else around that!? I planned last year’s costume around a pair of vampire fangs and false eyelashes. Maybe try that? Or be your own superhero! I’ve been trying to get my sister to be Plaid Girl for years, but she won’t.

    Ooh, be a washed up actress. High heels, lingerie, open silk robe, bad makeup, and a martini. Fun :P

  2. I just finally settled on what the boyfriend and I are going to be this year (we were leaning towards ballerina and fireman for What I Want To Be When I Grow Up, except we realized that I never wanted to be a ballerina and that a chaos mathematician costume or a lighting designer costume would be too hard to “get”. Yes, I was a weird kid.) I finally came up with a great idea for a sexy bird costume (involving a short dress, my very fluffy hair, and a few feather boas) so we’re going to be a parrot and a pirate, I think.

    When I was single I was always just whatever was the most fun, and had the most interesting makeup I could think of. I’m a theater person. I’ve been a fairy with dramatic eyes with vines of liquid eyeliner more times than I can count (makeup is FUN!). I also had a thing for cardboard boxes and have been a die, a television, and a boombox, complete with a radio inside (that was when I was a kid, probably in 1990– boombox made sense).

    Then there’s the pop culture-relevant costumes. A few years back I thought of putting on a bad blonde wig, stuffing a pillow up my shirt, and carrying around a bag of cheetos– voila Brittney Spears. Unfortunately these days that costume would require a bit more crotch flashing than most people are comfortable with.

  3. You should go as a sexy writer. That should be pretty easy for you.

    My wife and I went to a party a couple days ago, as a Ding Dong and a Ho-Ho. (I was the Ding Dong.)

  4. Orgy concubine? Go as a Genie…..every guy I know has a secret thing for Barbara Eden. Hooters girl

  5. You should go as a Crazy Leprechaun ;)

  6. My daughter is going as a Playboy Bunny referee: deep v neck, black and white stripes, short black skirt, white knee highs and black sneaks. She looks very hot. I told her she wasn’t allowed out of the house.

  7. You should go as Tutti from The Facts of Life! Speaking of complementary costumes, one year I dressed as a little girl (short pink dress, pigtails, lunchbox) and he dressed as my dad.

  8. I am going as a post successful Britney Spears. I will have on my school girl outfit *which I am way too fat for* have two babies dangling off my boobs, one with a ciggie in his mouth and covered in smudged cheetos.

    Oh yeah…and I’ll be bald too.

    I gave this a lot of thought. I’m trying to get my husband to go as K-Fed…or Fed Ex.


  9. @ Kristal: Funny that you would ask. Just the other day, I woke up and asked myself, “Self, I really want to wear my lime green earrings”? :) While I can’t say that I’ve ever planned an outfit around earrings, I *have* planned an entire week around a pair of shoes. Actually, I’m so exciting about my latest aquisition, that I might write an entire post about them.

    @ El: I love the bird and pirate idea!!! :-) Very cute. Seeee couples that do it are cute! :) And, hey, never doubt the power of a good crotch-showing. Can’t say I’ve ever done it myself, but Britney (and Lin-lo) seem to like doing it just fine.

    @ Baba Doodlius: You’re waaaaay too kind. Seriously. By the way, I like the Ding Dong / Ho Ho combination. Very clever. Maaan, I could totally eat that shit in high school. Now? Def not. I’d gain weight. And, we don’t want that now, do we?

    @ Dkzone: Oooooh! I like the idea of a genie. I totally might do that. All I’d need is a bikini and sheer pink fabric from a crafts store! This costume might be the winner.

    @ crazyleprechauns: You’re my favorite crazy leprechaun. For you, anything! ;)

    @ Nessa: Wait … how old is your daughter??? ;)

    @ sexpot donna: Come to the party on Saturday!!! Return my fucking calls, woman. Return them!!! … By the way, slightly tickled / disturbed about the school girl and dad pairing. You guys are too funny. :)

    @ CP: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m a party pooper, I know, but I’ll write it anyway:
    I hate Halloween.

  11. Don’t hate. Appreciate. :)

  12. You should go as Michael Jackson. After all, it´s Halloween. Or Diana Ross, or Liz Taylor, or who knows, maybe even as Camilla Parker Bowles??

  13. Ooooh!! I love the Diana Ross idea. And, Camilla Parker Bowles? Why not! ;)

  14. I’m stealing an idea from an old movie and wearing a vintage black slip with Freud written on it and going as a … wait for it…

    Freudian slip.

    lots of potential for interesting sex, I mean conversation… :)

  15. the costume was pre-Big T ;)

  16. @ kbarrett: LOVE it!!! :-) And, that costume gets bonus points because it’s clever AND easy to do AND provides the opportunity to have sex. Hmmm … I might steal that one from you.

    @ sexpot donna: I don’t believe you!!!

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