Feb 292008

I’ve got sex on my mind lately because I’m writing a chapter about the topic for a really great anthology. I skipped a party last night, stayed up late and woke up early to work on my piece. It’s like 98% there, but I need another hour or so to get the closing paragraph in really good shape. In addition to working on that, I’m wrapping up a pitch for an unrelated print magazine story. I did an interview for that at 8:00am this morning, and I have two more scheduled in the coming days. Crazy busy. Today on FUNKYBROWNCHICK, I wanted to write a post about my dating life … and recent insights a couple of guy friends have given me about “The Male Perspective on Dating” … but I don’t have time. I’m running out the door, getting ready to head to my day job. So, in lieu of a full funky brown chick post, I hope you’ll forgive me if I simply point you to my recent Nerve piece, “Chipped Red Fingernail Polish and Bill Wadman’s Penis.” Also, if you don’t mind, I’d like to show you this week’s panty posts on “panties210: The Underwear Blog for Men and Women“:

Hope you all have GREAT weekends, and I can’t wait to give you the romance scoop next week!

Feb 282008

Random trivia fact about the Funky Brown Chick: I speak Dutch fluently. I lived in Europe for a while — in the Netherlands for almost two years and in England for more than one. In the Netherlands, I studied Dutch, found an apartment, fell in love with my then-boyfriend’s family, got a job, moved into a house, got pissed off about Dutch racism, biked around like a maniac, contemplated never coming back to the US and eventually returned to my native land. I’m writing about it (for a book, not the blog). In the meantime, that’s a quick blurb of backstory to explain why I’ve posted a YouTube video in Dutch. It’s a funny clip and, you don’t have to know the language to get the humor. Enjoy.

Feb 272008

There’s definitely something sexy about sitting in front of a skilled man holding his favorite instrument in hand. I got kinda turned on. Wet. Hot. So I flirted shamelessly (and, of course, 100% harmlessly). But Bill Wadman isn’t turned on at all. He’s just doing his job. He’s a photographer. A damn good one at that. What’s more? Not only does he take great pictures, he’s also a fierce conversationalist. I enjoyed talking to him just as much as I enjoyed looking at his camera.

See more images over at his blog. I’ll write more about the photo shoot — and the juicy details of our intimate conversation — on Nerve later today.

Feb 262008

I’d never met anyone who had actually stoned someone until I met A.J. Jacobs. Rewind a week or so. I’m at an Upright Citizen’s Brigade event presented by former Daily Show and Colbert Report executive producer Ben Karlin. Actress/comedian/Brooklynite Kristen Schaal hosts. Fountains of Wayne supply the live tunes. About half way into the night, this cute little Jewish writer with a head topped with dark wavy curls walks up to the stage and immediately puts the audience “there.” We’re in the story, laughing along and rooting for him. From Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me, he reads a passage about a dirty girl who captured his heart ages ago. If I remember the pages correctly, the diva had outrageous hair and wore animal print clothing. She sounded like the kind of woman I’d chase if I were a lesbian (or a man). I like bad girls. In any case, A.J. continues reading about the chick and you *totally* relate to the story because you’ve either lived it or know someone who has. He’s the sweet, unassuming and grounded guy. Kind of like calming waters, right? She’s a firecracker looking for a match to ignite her. The attraction was probably mutual, instant and doomed from the start. “So, that’s what happened?” you might be wondering. “She dumped him, so he fucking stoned her?” Uh-uh. Wrong hardcover. Jacobs also wrote The Year of Living Biblically. A “reverent agnostic,” he grew his beard, stoned a man and performed other religious feats.

I tracked him down at a recent event and kindly asked him to sign my copy of his book. As he obliged, I crimped my fingers against either sides of his face below the eyes. He blushed at the cheek pinch, and I’m pretty convinced the man thinks I’m a certifiable nutcase now. In any case, A.J. Jacobs is this week’s Manly Monday Testicle-Driven Tuesday pick. “Hey,” you ask, “in the beginning of this post, you mentioned he had a girl with leopard-print duds. Whatever happened to her?” Dunno. They parted ways. But not to worry; Jacobs eventually found his life partner. They live together in Manhattan where Jacobs recently spent ninety-three minutes wearing a “polka-dotted breast-feeding pillow” to feed one of his three sons soy-spike formula.

Here’s a question for this lovely Tuesday: Is it true that good guys are drawn to “bad girl” girlfriend, but they settle down with women they think would make “good girl” wives? (For the flipside, is it true that good girls are drawn to “bad boy” boyfriends, but they settle down with men they think would make “good” husbands?) Feel free to use the comments section below to share your opinion.

Photo credit: Images appear online at Simon & Schuster
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Feb 252008

At Nerve magazine, I recently wrote a self esteem and body image post called “Breasts & The Pursuit of Perkiness”. Check it out when you get a chance. Admittedly, there are few things *less* manly than boobs. I won’t have a chance to put up the “Manly Monday” post until tomorrow. Hence, we’ll have a “Testicle-Driven Tuesday” this week. In the meantime, be sure to check me out at Nerve and/or panties210 today.


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Feb 222008

If all goes as planned, I’ll spend delicious time with a handsome, international man this weekend. We had a date earlier this week, but I didn’t write about it. As I mentioned in my blog column at Nerve, the boy doesn’t want a starring role in the movie of my online life. So, you’ll hear very little, if anything, about this mystery guy. For now, suffice it to say that I think he’s cute and I’m looking forward to spending a bit of time with him soon. Hmmm … let’s see … what else is going on? Actually, you know what? Let’s leave it there for today. I’m writing for three blogs, and I’ve already written two other posts. My fingertips need a break. Be sure to check out “Sex, Love & Work” at Nerve when you get a chance. Also, for undie lovers among you, here are this week’s posts from panties210: The Underwear Blog for Men and Women:

C’est tout. Wish me luck on my date!

Photo credit: Dan Shirley, UK

Feb 182008


Hi guys. Sorry; I don’t have a “Manly Monday” post for you today. My friend Mags was in town for the past four days, so I didn’t have a lot of time to write. Here’s the good news: we celebrated her birthday like crazed rockstacks, and I had an amazing weekend. (Besides, I can be a workaholic when it comes to my writing; so, it was good to back way from the computer and spend quite a bit of time with longtime friends.)

So, I’m finally back in my own home and the weekend’s alcohol intake has passed through my system. I’ll put up a new Nerve piece tomorrow, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program here at the FBC then as well.

Hope you all had good weekends!

Big drippy kisses,

Funky Brown Chick

PS: Heeeey, by the way … I recently had fun with curling irons!! Thought I’d share the new ‘do with you, so I I snapped pics in between brushing, getting dressed, and heading out the door for the evening.