Jun 052008

Of course I’m going to write about Barack. I’m originally from Obamaland — Illinois. (If you didn’t know that, you can read this, this and this for more info.) I volunteered on Obama’s state senator campaign back when few people outside of my beautiful home state knew his name — let alone how to spell or pronounce it. I love it that he’s the democratic nominee; he’s already got my vote. “Ewww, but this blog is about sex, dating and relationships,” you protest. “Why are you writing about politics?” Oh, silly people! ;) Don’t you know? I wanna have sex, date and enter into a delicious relationship with Obama. But, I can’t because he’s married. So, instead, I just write about him, his non-cockblocking ways and my sexual fantasies about the man. You know. That kind of stuff.

Dropping by the lovely Afrobella‘s site, I stumbled upon this oh-too-funny “Barack Does Bollywood” video. Thought I’d share it with you all:

Cute, huh? By the way … Full disclosure? I have a longterm memory, and I’m not gonna jump on the bandwagon and pretend that I didn’t like the Clintons back in the day. Yesteryear, I’m pretty sure I chose the C-ticket twice. A New Yorker now, I voted Hillary for New York senate and (many years before that) I picked Bill for the presidency. And, sooooo, um, yeah, I’m gonna leave that there. More sex, dating and relationships stuff tomorrow.


VIDEO: Found on YouTube via Think on These Things via Afrobella


  10 Responses to “Barackin’ the Sexy Bollywood Videos”

  1. I’ve been paying a little attention to that there Presidential thing, and I’ve heard a few Obama speeches. Damn, that man can speechify! If he becomes the President, it will be because he got enough people to actually listen to him talk.

  2. that video: friggin’ hilarious! Combines my two loves: Desi culture and Barack…lol!

  3. gee… go out of town for a bit … and the world turns…. the cheese is filtered
    differently in Canada….. we need to up the ante on coolness …. ’cause the world
    is checkin’ us hard… ya hear me…. we need to cowboy up and come correct….
    at least, a free-throw for our progeny….. n’est pa…..
    and… the vid’s off the chain….. killer….

    lamesabassman……. three more days in Paradise… then… back in the world….

  4. That was odd. Yes love Bollywood but that was still odd.
    Couldn’t let the occasion pass w/o a comment on my blog either.

  5. soooo…. when’s Cali gonna be graced with your presence….. been long overdo …
    ” We’l keep a light on in the window for you ”

    lamesabassman……. you must witness a Canadian sunset….

  6. You know, I’ve just got to put this out there because I’ve noticed The Onion and CNN (!) today have already picked up what I’ve been thinking all along. And, really, because I have a blog, I should have written it up because I’d be able to claim “Internet first!” So, here goes:

    I’m not opposed to an Obama presidency because I like Clinton better. I’m not opposed because he’s African-American. I’m opposed because, according to Hollywood, some bad juju is going to go down if he have an African-American person in the White House.

    There’s the possibility of a comet destroying the earth (President Morgan Freeman, “Deep Impact”), terrorism (President Dennis Haysbert, “24″), the end times…er, or something (President Tiny Lister, “The Fifth Element”). And let us pause and reflect on a new slew of embarrassing films (President Chris Rock, “Head of State”).

    Of course, in all fairness, nebbish white presidents have fared no better: sex scandal (“The Contender”), hookers getting murdered in the White House (“Murder at 1600″), and, of course, alien invasion (“ID4″).

    Isn’t it time, maybe, for an Asian-American president or Latino president?

  7. and now the tide rises … to lift all boats away…. have been peepin’ this comin’
    ’round the corner since this left the gate.. Ms. Clinton learned what she knows
    second hand and all of it from the smoky back rooms where those that have
    continue to deny those who have not…. bad juju…. we have been there since
    the first Thanksgiving when the Native Americans were given infected blankets
    to keep them warm, thus the first germ warfare”casual damages” on record…
    Hollywood creates dreams …. it’s we humans that create nightmares….and that we need to address… and change…. we can’t continue to live like there’s no
    tomorrow… for all the children we bring into this world… we own them a world
    that we received from our ancestors …. lint-free…. it’s their tomorrow that we are playing with…. it’s time for a president or world leader to step up to the plate and lead…. is’nt that what you were suppose to learn at Harvard, Yale or
    Oxford.. to lead and protect people, from themselves, for the common good
    of all….. or just a chosen few…. ” when 2 percent control the 98, guess who’s
    gonna be left at Heaven’s Gate”…..

    lamesabassman….. not a rant… just a seed to plant…..

  8. P.S. I really do care just who becomes president…. just don’t let them be like
    the ones before them….. be different… be real….

    lamesabassman….. ” meet the new boss…. same as the old boss…”

  9. @ Baba Doodlius: Interesting point! :)

    @ Sultana: Isn’t it great?!?! :)

    @ lamesabassman: Glad you like the video.

    @ kali: Odd, but funny, no? :)

    @ Andy: Where’s the movie with the hot Asian-American or Latina president? I wanna see the eyecandy in that one! :) By the way, saw the beginning on Murder at 1600 and then I fell asleep. I soooo wanna watch the whole thing.

    @ lamesabassman: Wasn’t Heaven’s Gate the name of that cult that wore Nike shoes and said wrote “just do it” notes? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven's_Gate_(religious_group)

  10. yes… but the line I wrote is from a piece that I wrote concerning conditions here
    in America…. if you wish,I could sent it via your posted E-mail address…
    and …yes… you must watch Murder at 1600…. bro Wes is in rare form

    lamesabassman…… winding down in Windsor…..

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