Nov 242008

Hmmm, a little birdie told me the newest GQ is the 2008 “Men of the Year” issue. It doesn’t hit newsstands until tomorrow but, because it’s Manly Monday and mama loves ya, I nabbed pretty little advanced copies of the four covers for you. Obama’s face doesn’t quite look like him and Jon Hamm looks like he’s wearing a toupee, no?

Nitpicky stuff aside (…What the fuck do I know about cover art? I’m neither a photographer nor designer…), I really gotta hand it to GQ for their awesome list of men. Phelps CERTAINLY looks hotter draped on their cover than he did on that goofy Sports Illustrated thing and Leo‘s lookin’ sexier than usual in the image above. If you wanna drool over more pics, watch a slideshow of the rest of the honorees online. Here’s the list:

  • The Boston Celtics – Champions of the Year
  • Thom Browne – Designer of the Year
  • Chicago – City of the Year
  • Aaron Eckhart – Villain of the Year
  • Brandon Flowers – “Killer” Year
  • Shephard Fairey – Artist of the Year
  • Megan Fox – Obsession of the Year
  • James Franco – Screen Idol of the Year
  • Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers – Comeback Kid of the Year
  • Senator Ted Kennedy – Legend of the Year
  • Seth MacFarlane – “Mogul” of the Year
  • John Malkovich – Mad Genius of the Year
  • Danny McBride – Funny Man of the Year
  • MGMT and M.I.A. – Radio Gods of the Year
  • Rafael Nadal – Court King of the Year
  • Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets – Breakout Athlete of the Year
  • Sean Penn – “Drama Queen” of the Year
  • General David Petraeus – Leader of the Year
  • Gordon Ramsay – “Prick” of the Year
  • Alain Robert – Daredevil of the Year
  • Philip Roth – Icon of the Year
  • Jason Statham – Action Hero of the Year
  • The Men Behind The Wire – Tough Guys of the Year
  • Neil Willenson – Local Hero of the Year
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Boy Genius of the Year

I’m not gonna comment on every guy; I hate long blog post. But, I wanna mention a few quick things. HIGH FIVE to the magazine for naming my hometown “City of the Year.” I live in New York City, but I’ll always be an Illinoisan at heart. My eyeballs can’t ever get enough of Rafael Nadal’s body, so I’m thankful they included him in the group. (SIDENOTE: Hat tip to New York magazine for their delicious Nadal cover earlier this year. Total deliciousness.) And, finally, aren’t we glad Sean Penn is getting the accolades / big ups he deserves? I can’t wait to see him in Milk. Hmmm … as the year winds down, more “Men of the Year” lists will probably pop up. How do we feel about GQ’s list? Diverse enough? Are the guys hot enough? Did GQ leave anyone out? Feel free to size up their goods then share your thoughts in the comments section using the link below. Who’s the REAL man of the year?

  12 Responses to “Manly Monday: GQ’s 2008 Men of the Year”

  1. I agree about Obama’s face not quite looking like him. I think he looks a *little* more attractive than usual.

  2. Big surprise that most of the people on the list are White Guys.

    Why isn’t Twanna on the cover for Men of the Year?

  3. Don’t you find Nadal’s picture is a gay-like picture ? :)

    From a certain point of view, for me Obama is definitly the man of the year !

  4. Wow, Obama really aged…I’m not feelin that pic at all…

  5. JAMES………..FRANCO!!!!!! (That guys lips are TO DIE FOR!!!!)

  6. Why do they have Robert Guillaume(Benson du Bois)up in there?
    Thats Barrack?

  7. @ Eirinn: Yeah, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something looks a little off.

    @ Jose: You ask, “Why isn’t Twanna on the cover for Men of the Year?” Don’t ask me; ask GQ! ;)

    @ Steph: I think Nadal looks HOT!!! :) And, yeah, Obama is *definitely* the man of the year.

    @ Wonderlove: I think he dyed his hair black again. It’s much darker on TV now.

    @ Dianna Trent: Did you read those stories about him over at Gawker? ;)

  8. @ Anthony B: Just saw your message. THAT’S FUNNY!!! :) And, kinda on point.

  9. yeah….. I’m a guy….. and I went out on a limb on this gig…. I got two names 4

    Jason Statham and Adrian G from entourage…..

    lamesabassman……” nuff said… “

  10. Phelps is sexy. Some may not agree, but I just think in some pics, he may look a little goofy, but he is hot to me. Obama, well, I just admire him so much.

  11. @ lamesabassman: Ah, Adrian Grenier. Yum. :)

    @ starkitty50: I know! He’s super talented and he’s got a great body. Most pictures are kinda cute. But, man, that SI looked soooo goofy.

  12. Twanna: Yes, I read the mess on Gawker & around the ‘net on JAMES FRANCO. I immediately saw it for what it was – NONSENSE & HURTFUL GOSSIP! (Anyone who’s read up on this shy & quiet guy or seen any of his interviews couldn’t possibly think he would involve himself in such a ludicrous act!
    Retraction & apology for that type of gossip has already taken place. You may read it here –


    ” SOCIALITE LIFE would like to let all of you know that the statements represented in the “James Franco: Gay Rapist?” post as well as any implications made regarding James Franco were completely false.

    We would like to apologize and reiterate that we have the utmost respect for Mr. Franco. ”

    Thanks for tip tho!

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