Aug 232010

Homemade aquatint box

Food first. Then, men. Stacie, Desiree, Rachel and I are getting together for “Girls’ Night In” dinner a week from Friday. Today, Desiree shared the upcoming festivities’ menu (she’s quite the foodie!):

  • Cheese board – assorted cheeses (I haven’t picked them out yet but I’m going for a French theme here)
  • Heirloom tomato salad – heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, arugula, olive oil, balsamic vinegar (prosciutto on the side)
  • Endless pot o’ mussels – Self explanatory. Served with lots of crusty bread (and maybe french fries)
  • Four-layer Angel Food Ice Cream Cake – angel food cake layered with blueberry jam, vanilla ice cream and peach and raspberry sorbets
  • A pitcher of French Pear Martinis. Frozen margaritas are also available upon request.

Yum! Looking forward to it. And, speaking of delicious things, we usually kick off the week at FUNKY BROWN CHICK® with a “Manly Monday” celebration of testostrone-related topics. Today? 7 Greatest Homemade Sex Toys (For Men). Click the image below for the full list — including “How To Make” instructions. Enjoy! Couch cushions and the floggers are relatively simple. Wonder if anyone has actually tried the others.

  10 Responses to “How To Make Homemade Sex Toys For Men”

  1. Little did we know – our entire houses are simply filled with weird things for men to have conjugal relations with.  Makes you wonder what they’re doing when we’re not home.

  2. When I was about ten or eleven, I heard about people using melons, bananas, empty soda bottles and even raw liver, but I would have never thought to see it in print anywhere.  Of course, this is the web which is basically the home of almost any weird thing that you can imagine, isn’t it?

  3. Hell, I saw the headline followed fairly closely by that list of food items and thought, “Yeah, most of that stuff would do the trick”.  I gotta learn to read more carefully and not skip ahead.

  4. Homemade sex toys for men?!…..

    I just have this vision of  ” warm apple pie…….”

  5. Yuuummm sounds tasty, surely not for his sole use!?

  6. Was your article about “sex toys” for men?  I have great recipes which make both men and women say — woof, that’s awesome.
    That is not your article —- sex toys for men —- is is not hard — ER difficult and it will be hard!
    Take control of the man — and as Monique says — touch his ass, kiss it, eat it and he is yours!

  7. Read this and got hungry

  8. Homemade sex toys for guys … well i woulldnt think of nothing in the house , thats what the ladys would do … guys would simply go to the Garage and cut glory holes in wood and figure out kinky stuff to do with their spouse on the other side. thats my first thought as a dude… anything else would be order a bunch of Sex toys offline and Party !!

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  10. Mr. Q – I’m very curious to learn how those materials were applied to sex toys…this is great btw. At we are trying to give people similar information. We are short on the sex toys though. Well…we’ll get there hopefully.

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