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Dick flicks. A cinephile, I’ve rated 1,368 movies on Netflix. I’ve attended International Film Festival Rotterdam, and created programming in conjunction with Chicago International Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. When I lived in Holland, I volunteered at Amnesty International Film Festival in Amsterdam. Stateside, in 2006 and 2007, I volunteered at Tribeca Film Festival; I was hired there the following year.

Since my tastes gravitate toward cerebral, sexually intense films featuring quirky/complicated relationships, I’ve seen an uncountable number of naked chicks on screen. “Sure, boobs and vaginas are great,” Salon.com says, “but where, egalitarians might ask, are all the penises?” Great question. Bring on the dongs and schlongs. More dicks in flicks! Thanks to Salon and Gawker, here’s a quick list of popular movies featuring male full frontal nudity.

Not too many, huh? “It is still a male-dominated business,” says film professor Sarah Riddick in an Associated Press interview. “[M]en are more likely to show female nudity.” If I’ve forgotten any U.S. movies with male nudity, list more of your favorites in the comment section below. Luckily, dudes outside the U.S. are more secure in their manhood and less terrified about filming other dudes’ junk. In fact, if you want to see Ewan McGregor’s penis in YOUNG ADAM, you simply have to watch England-born director David Mackenzie’s original British version of the film. Sony Classics castrated the scene when they imported it to the U.S. Here’s McGregor to Premiere Magazine, “If I’d blown away 5,000 people with a semiautomatic machine gun, that would be fine. But I showed my penis [...] It does amuse me, the horrific violence that comes out of American cinema. But someone’s cock is too much?”

Ewan McGregor Greets His Fans

  31 Responses to “Movies: Top Films Featuring Male Full Frontal Nudity”

  1. I have only seen 6 of the 14 movies listed. Now, I know what to put in my Netflix queue LOL

  2. Twanna, you left out the brief flashes of peen shown during Fight Club. And that one movie with Leo Dicaprio where his character is gay in the early 1900s.

    • Oooh, good one! I love Fight Club. Also, random, I know, but …. I wasn’t ever a Brad Pitt fan until I saw that movie. Watching Fight Club, I was like, “Oh, okay, NOW I get it.”

  3. Sideways. Brief, and not attractive, but technically it was dick.

  4. And Life of Brian.  Full frontal *both* in that one, if I’m not mistaken.  Plus it was hi-effin-larious.  And “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is easy to play on the ukulele.

  5. Always enjoy Ewan getting his kit off. As for other cinematic penis sightings:

    Ganja & Hess (1973): A vampire movie about a Buppie vampire. The last 5 minutes has more penis in it then some mainstream porn flicks.

    Lie With Me (2005): Eric Balfour. Nice indie flick about two 20-something hipsters trying to have a relationship without actually having a relationship.

    Sex & Lucia (2001) Paz Vega. Nice hypnotic Spanish film that features a very exposed penis in mud…and the man it’s connected to his pretty hot.

    Bronson (2008) Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy, sexy beast par excellence playing a social malcontent who speeds a certain amount of time cussing, fussing and being restrained while naked. Very well acted.

  6. The husband who gt cheated on, chasing the main characters down the street after they recovered the wallet.
    I *told you* it wasn’t attractive.

  7. Hey Funky,
    American Psycho…a very young buffed up Christian Bale  YUM!!

  8. much love from a new follower! i think there was a little in “i’m not there.” it was so quick i’m not sure if it actually happened. also in “pretty ugly people.” not a huge hit but it’s on hulu right now.

  9. Some flicks which have included good penis views–not American made:
    — Confetti
    — Equus
    — Lonely Hearts
    — Maslin Beach
    — 9 Songs
    — The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover
    — Wide Sargasso Sea
    — Women In Love
    — Y tu mama tambien
    And some that were made in the USA:
    — Buster & Billie
    — The Harrad Experiment
    — The Last Picture Show
    — The Lords of Discipline

  10. Some more American pictures with some male frontal nudity:

    — The First Nudie Musical
    — Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
    — Zack and Miri Make a Porno

  11. (Hmmm…  I see my second comment got posted, but what happened to my first one?)

  12. I’m a film major, and out of all the films I’ve seen (I have over 900 rated on RottenTomatoes) it seems like there is more male genitals than female genitals in movies. How many movies have you ever seen showing vagina. And I don’t mean standing with just pubic hair showing. I mean legs open vagina, in a way you could actually see it.  How many actresses do you know that have showed vagina? Just sayin. Personally I think most movies these days are over-sexed.

  13. 50 years ago, to look at pics of human genitalia, you had to go to a sleezy shop in a rough part of town. The guy behind the cash register was a real creep. The mags (called “beaver mags”) were printed by the Mafia and not distributed by the Postal Service. The same sort of shops rented “stag films,” black & white 15 minute things, also made by the Mafia, and badly at that. In this world, showing pubic hair or genitalia in a feature film was impossible, but also would have been hugely consequential.
    Now we have the internet, and maybe something like 25% of internet traffic is sexually explicit. Anybody can explore adult genitalia in a safe environment called Wikimedia Commons. In Europe, female pubic hair or a limp dick means that a movie is for adults only but is otherwise uncontroversial. We are close to the point that to qualify as porn, she has to hold her vulva open, or he has to be erect. Americans are not aware of this evolution because distributors snip out the most exposed bits of racy European movies. If they didn’t do this, Americans would have to confront the fact that the European johnson has extra moving parts.
    I remember the tittering when Blow-Up became the first mainstream movie to show a woman’s pubic hair, in 1966, and when I Am Curious Yellow did the same for the limp dick.

  14. Cinemale has not only a listing of a ton of movies with nude men but you can also pay the site and view just the clips of the nude parts of the movies. Kind of fun if you ask me :) It should be FREE though!

  15. Kevin zegers in ” Transamerica”

    Daniel Craig in ” Love is the Devil”

  16. Its nice being a dude hearing what you women want :)

  17. Not sure where to begin, so……. I have read a few comments from men that are really complaints regarding male vs. female gen’s in the movies. Seriously dudes, don’t get the wrong idea…. I like the ‘ol clam, cooter, etc just as much as the next man, but,… well let me put it to you this way… I overheard a teenage son ask his dad a very similar question about male frontal nudity (versus female) in today’s movies. And honestly, his dad just sat there and stared at his son for a moment or two and then asked him, “Do you really want to see a woman’s privates? Really, why? There really isn’t anything to see down there in the first place.” Yes, he did say this and I wrote it down for further quoting to others…. since I couldn’t believe I had just heard what he said! In I.H.O.P. (of course) … during breakfast! None the less, the food was still great!! I guess his dad is a bit correct when he said this to his son. And quite honestly, female gen… Seen one you’ve seen them all. And Myrick, I have to agree with you. The changes that have occured in motion picture ratings over the years is almost to the extent of an “R” rating could very well implie - almost pornography. What’s left? I hate to sound old fashioned but…. It’s just another factor that contributes to the downfall of a once proud America. It used to be nudity belonged to only married peope as a sensuous sort of thing. But, if nothing else, it seems it has become another form of competition between men and women. Oh well, enough said about this subject. Now then, I think I will go look at what I can find to watch on pay-per-view!  Thanks everyone! 

  18. Not too many the article says. Really? Try to name recent movies with full-frontal unshaven vagina.

  19. There is a double standard in Hollywood but it’s a reverse. The penis (even erect) is OK to show on film. The vulva (or god forbid, the clitoris or vagina) is strictly off limits. Women for decades have decried that actresses have been exposing their boobs, butts and bush throughout the history of film, while only a few actors have shown their penis. For the record, I have all three of the female body parts listed above. The only body parts that are totally different are the genitals. Making the above comparison is beyond ridiculous. In the past three decades well over a hundred penises have been on display in mainstream movies, while a total of zero vulvas have been seen in a 2 to 5 second well lit medium to close-up shot, or any shot for that matter, including Basic Instinct. I challenge Judd Apatow (writer/director who has vowed to show a penis in all of his movies to help reduce the ‘fear of the penis’) to take up the real challenge, ending “America’s real fear…the exposed vulva.” However, I doubt he or any other Hollywood writer, director, or producer would even attempt to take on this ground breaking challenge and have to deal with the threat of an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. Prove me wrong, Judd. The balls in your court…ahhhh, I mean…hmmm, come on, let the cat out of the bag.

  20. No one’s added naked boys singing? It is rechnically a stage show, but it was recorded semi-live (lots of between scenes) and made into a film on…NETFLIX :) 8 dicks total by far the most cocks in an American movie, and not one is prostetic (Watchmen, Forgetting Sarah Marshal)

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