Aug 172011

“Unlike sex, when it comes to credit cards, I don’t remember my first.” That’s the opener to Rachel’s piece It Happened to Me: I Declared Bankruptcy. Speaking of firsts, in case you missed it, from the show Fourplay TV, here’s a clip about the first time I came. It includes tips for female vaginal orgasms. Hint: Buy a sex toy.


If that fails, the delicious cocktail The Orgasm, is quite delicious, too!

  5 Responses to “How to Give Yourself an Orgasm”

  1. I have always felt (perhaps incorrectly) that a woman’s failure to achieve orgasm during normal intercourse is probably due to her failure to choose a man who is devoted entirely to her needs.  Foreplay should always last at least 45 minutes to an hour and provide about 80% of what she needs to ‘attain nirvana.’
    On the other hand, I am a man and what the (bleep) do I know about what a woman needs?

    • Mr. Q….can I just say, ‘LOVE YOU’! I hope there is some lucky person who is benefiting from that 45 minutes to an hour of foreplay that you speak of. :)

      • Thank you so very VERY much, Chezzy.  Unfortunately, most women cannot get past the disfiguring surgical scarring on my head and face.  Oh well, I guess that shallow people will simply live shallow unfulfilling lives.
        Besides which, after my last round of chemo, I have been so cranky that I do not even want to tolerate myself, much less anyone else (and I cannot even guarantee that my *ahem* will even stand up properly for the final fireworks that most women demand).

  2. I can say that, to achieve orgasm, role playing is one key. You should also do some adventure, like going to a trip and have sex in the places you go. Feel every minute and don’t force yourself to do some things that you don’t feel doing.

  3. Twanna, you really have great posts. I just discovered your blog and already reading your third post and I just now realized that u are award-winning sex educator. Once…a friend told me: why don’t you match your friends??? … and it was a fiasco. I remembered this story while reading your post cause it end up with same cocktail :)

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