Nov 292012

“It does sound all a bit weird,” admits host Josh Zepps. “I can’t imagine lighting candles, putting on the soft music, and drawing the blinds, and getting into a bathtub with a robot.” My thoughts? Damn, that Aussie boy knows how to romance his sex partners!

Watch Josh’s segment Rise of the Sex Machines with guests: Jincey Lumpkin, Esq., Juicy Pink Box; Douglas Hines, TrueCompanion; and Laura Duncan, “Hey, Where’s My Robot Girlfriend?” The latter comments, “We’re already living in a technological society. We’re already living in bionic bodies in terms of the kind of medicine that we take and the things we use to enhance our sexuality [...] While it may be considered a wild, futuristic topic, the issues addressed are actually very timely and really span a whole lot of issues to do with definitions of sexuality, assumptions about the body, and concepts about what makes a healthy, fulling life and relationships.”

I’ve been tracking the sex robot trend for a while now. Remember when Stephen Colbert asked, “Why Aren’t I F*cking A Robot?” Also, though not quite teledildonics, we’ve covered compelling real dolls. So, tell me, would you have sex with a robot; you know, just to try it out?

  2 Responses to “Would You Have Sex with a Robot?”

  1. This will happen in the not-too-distant future – first in Japan, I’d guess. they seem to rally like their robots there. Hell, I’d try one out if they’d make a cute robotic bird.

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