Dec 052012

I like smart men who work out and have muscles. So, I wonder: What the hell is Richard Cohen on about? If you’ve not yet read his Washington Post piece, James Bond and the new sex appeal, you should. In it, he pretty much whines Daniel Craig is too old to be hot. “Craig is 44, but neither gravity nor age has done its evil work on him [...] I see a man chasing youth on a treadmill [...]”

Oh, do you now? Well, I see a WaPo opinion writer sipping too much haterade. I’m all for men staying healthy, hot, and heaping with muscles at any age. Americans live an average of 78 years, according to the CDC. If Craig doesn’t croak until he’s nearly 80 — and it’s likely he will given Europeans live longer than Americans — he’s barely half way through life. So, why fall apart now? I support the Tina Turner Aging Plan: Stay sexy. Forever.

Men have every right — and, yes, they DESERVE — to feel handsome, strong, wanted and desired. Click over to Pecs and Ass: The Age of Daniel Craig.  Almost exactly 6 years ago to the date, I crowned Daniel Craig the first FUNKY BROWN CHICK® Manly Monday. More than 1,000+ updates later, I consistently write about men and sex appeal, and straight guys repeatedly tell me: Men want to feel sexy. A guy friend recently posited, “But the fact that [straight] men WANT to also be seen as sexy by MEN is a new and relevant thing.” I’m not sure if I completely agree. Straight men want women to want them, and they also want men to “want” to be them — even if that means admiring their rock-hard body. What say you? Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment area below.

  4 Responses to “Do Straight Men Want to Be Objects of Desire?”

  1. Twanna, Yes I want to feel sexy, masculine and desired by women and I think it’s true for the majority of men and I don’t think it’s a recent phenomenon either. I’ve had this discussion about year ago and frankly it is somewhat problematic for men as opposed to women. Yes I can watch my diet, go to the gym, keep well groomed and dress well and I’d still only look every other guy that watches his diet, goes to the gym, keeps well groomed and dresses well. A woman on the other hand can accentuate those aspects of her that she feels makes her look sexy. The right bra, neckline, dress length, jewelry, lipstick, makeup, shoes, etc. all go a long way towards making her look and feel sexy and desirable. I’m a sucker for breast. A nice cleavage will get my attention every time and attract me to her. So if there are 5 equally sexy and well dressed women in a room with same size breast the woman who accentuates her breast and provides the right amount cleavage will get my attention. The same really cannot be said for a man. There is only so much a man can do with a suit or casual wear. So here’s the question for you: If you are in a room and there are 5 equally attractive well dressed men, what then do you look for? What does the man have to accentuate on himself that will distinguish himself from the other 5 everything being equal? For men I think that’s the quandary! There’s only so much accessorizing and accentuating we can do. It’s not whether we want to feel sexy and desirable, it’s how then do we stand out in a room full other men with an equal claim.

    • I guess I wouldn’t be getting your attention then, because I prefer to keep my cleavage covered so it doesn’t define me!

      Anyhow, to answer your question of how a man can stand out, I would say by being interesting.

      Of course I can admire men on a purely physical level and be disappointed when they open their mouths, but I’m afraid I haven’t ever been in a situation where there are 5 equally attractive men standing in a room seeking my attention…maybe then I could tell you if there’s some physical trait that tips the balance. (But I suspect it would be specific to me, not universal.)

    • Paul, if I’m in a room with 5 hot dudes who are all interested in me, all things being equal I’d be most attracted to the smartest one. Or, the dude with the accent. Or, maybe the one with the cutest smile. I’m also a sucker for a great pair of eyes like the ones on Tim Howard’s gorgeous face. Toned bodies are good. So are 5 o’clock shadows. I like longer hair; not ponytail length — just longer not buzz cuts. I actually think there are tons of things that dudes can do to accentuate their physical features and personalities. I agree with you that the width isn’t as broad for accessorizing — though, I get the impression that’s more a function of marketing. Companies have targeted women for beauty products more than men. Granted, that gap is closing a bit.

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