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Before steering us to OkStereotype.me, OkCupid asks, “Always been curious about what stereotypes you may portray on your dating profiles?” This is how it works: they scan your profile and guess who/what you are based on what you wrote. I thought: Looks like they’re accepting some stereotypes as fact and guessing people portray them via words and actions (such as, for example, when writing their online dating profiles). So, I wondered: How would they stereotype me? Here’s what they guessed and the percentages by which they thought they got it right:

Check out OkStereotype.me by Roman Sinayev

Turns out I’m a lean, non-smoking, free-thinking, 31-year-old black man. [Looks inside panties, searches aimlessly for a cock and balls.] Their word cloud shows they think I’m a guy because, among other things, I mention soccer and women. Um, wow.

OkStereotype.me Guessed I'm: Male

What would have made them think I have ovaries? According to the site, “Baking, heels, chapstick, boobs and a bubbly personality.” You can also see the words that made them guess I’m lean and a non smoker. Interestingly, my religion is sex.

OkStereotype.me Guessed I'm: A Free Thinker & Not Religious

Well, hell; they got that right! ;) On a more serious note, I’m not sure why they peg people either “religious” or “free thinking.” It’s possible to be both; nevertheless, they predicted I was the latter (instead of the former) because I love of sex. You know who else loves sex? Black people.

OkStereotype.me Guessed I'm: Black

Yep, the above words sealed my OkStereotype.me outing as a negro ;) Here’s what I wrote on my profile: “I’m not cool. I don’t know that indie band/DJ who plays at the obscure venue that doesn’t have a building number or nameplate posted outside [...] I started partying when I was 15, so I’m really ‘over’ the club scene … but you can often find me at tiny, little, local bars where I know the bartender and/or half the waitstaff.” By the way, I also wrote: “I’m a writer who uses words like ‘lovely’ or ‘fascinating’ to describe things I find interesting, never ‘that’s dope.'” For the record, the funniest response received was from a preppy white dude who messaged me: “Your profile is dope!”

If you try out OkStereotype.me, use the comment section here to tell me how they got you wrong (or right).

  6 Responses to “My OkCupid Profile Makes Me Look Like I Have A Penis”

  1. Haha, I will try this when I get home. Gotta make my profile public!

  2. They stereotyped me at eight years younger than reality. Other than that, pretty accurate.

  3. They made me 10 (ten!) years younger and a whole lot leaner. :) And how did they know that I am black? Because I mentioned my height (along with music and sports), and dared to write “get down.” ;) But they basically pegged me correctly.

    • Oh, that’s hilarious! At first I thought you said that guessed you were 10 (not 10 years younger)!!!

      Interesting thing about their algorithm? They ALREADY HAVE the “correct” answers since, you know, they have your profile (e.g. age, body type, ethnicity, gender, etc.) so I can’t really tell how much of their guesswork is actually “guessing.”

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