Feb 112013

Fishing Lures [1]

I am wholly unable to take seriously anyone who self-proclaims “sex expert” is their job. My doctor doesn’t waltz into examination rooms shouting “I’M A MEDICINE EXPERT.” Her work speaks louder than her title. A few years ago, when Francisco Ramirez and I met at a conference in Washington, D.C., I immediately liked him. He serves up kickass free dating advice in Union Square and works with: United Nations, MTV, and tons of other fantastic folks to make healthy sex info widely available. He’s real; I genuinely respect his work. Speaking of reality, watch Francisco’s 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Catfished for MTV Voices.

  4 Responses to “Don’t Get Hooked on Fake Online Relationships”

  1. I am a sex expert. No, really.

  2. I guess it’s important to know the “catfishing” techniques. Look what happened to Manti T’eo of Notre Dame. That kind of stuff happens at online dating sites as well. Hopefully everyone will get a little smarter and do some of the things they need to do to protect themselves.

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