When I lead extended sex ed workshops for teens, sometimes, someone calls an activity gay. I ask for details. Is that particular program itself uninteresting or are they just uninterested in participating? Teens are great; when given the opportunity to express their opinions and told they matter, they tell you exactly what they don’t like. I hit them back with: “That’s helpful. So, say that instead of it’s gay.” Anyway. Moving on to things that actually are gay, have you heard about soccer? Yep, gay gay gay. Love soccer. Love this video.

There’s a difference between a student equating gay with I don’t like it and The Onion’s hilarious jab at the ridiculous of stereotypes. Is soccer gay? Of course gay men play it, like every sport. In fact, midfielder Robbie Rogers very recently opened up about being gay. You know what his fellow sportsmen called him when they found out? “Brother.” Supportive, they told him how proud they were. So much for stereotypes about homophobic jocks in sport, huh? Then again, after coming out, it’s worth noting Rogers abruptly stepped away from the sport. “It just shows that sports is the final closet in society,” the New York Times quotes OutSports.com founder Jim Buzinksi. “We’ve made huge strides in terms of support of gay athletes, and homophobia is no longer cool in sports. But the closet is very much in existence.”

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