Mar 152013
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You say Generation Y. I say Millennials. Po-TAY-toe. Po-TAH-toe. Research shows us folks born in the very late 1970s / early 1980s are calling the whole “traditional” marriage thing off:

Hear global voices from Denmark, Kenya, Brazil, Spain, Singapore, the UK and elsewhere in MTV Voices‘ teen video about matrimony. What’s the best age to marry? Is marriage outdated? Listen to opinions in Global Newscast – Young And Married.

  5 Responses to “What Do Millennials Think About Marriage?”

  1. I guess I’m not surprised to hear some of the comments from young people on marriage, especially in other countries. Seems lifelong commitment is becoming a foreign concept to the younger generations (if not also the older generations, based on divorce rates). It would be interesting to have a poll comparing attitudes toward marriage by age and country.

  2. I think marriage is a state sanctioned function. It’s all in the states eyes. What happened to just loving your partner and being together?

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