Jun 182013

I enjoy sex. A lot. Over years of sexually activity, I’ve slept with, gasp, more than one person. Despite that, I’m still able to hold conversations, get work done, cook meals, make friends, and otherwise fully function at home or at work. Weird, right? People who have sex are humans, too ;) But beware! Sluts are dangerous. Their gravitational sexual pull is so strong that you won’t be able to do your job around them, especially if your job is to interview a slut.

Image by Esten Hurtle

Image by Esten Hurtle

Watch Russell Brand‘s slutty-slut factor render the folks at Morning Joe useless. Brand promotes his Messiah Complex World Tour on the morning talk show discussing news of the day. Given the tour covers Hitler, Gandhi, Che Guevara, Jesus — oh and, by the way, dissects religion and kicked off in the Middle East — you’d think the interviewers would have tons of questions about it. You’d be wrong. Mika Brzezinski starts professionally interviewing him by admitting she really doesn’t know who he is. Her first comment? “He already told [guest] Brian that he might want to disrobe. I’m just saying.” Yeah? Saying what? What does that have to do with the interview? Apparently, everything. The trio of interviewers — 2 women and 1 man — proceed to talk about Brand’s chest hair and “kinky boots.” You can’t make this shit up! Watch the clip. Any time anything related to sex comes up, the group flusters, giggles, or changes the subject.

Russell Brand is a sexual being and makes no apologies or coverups for it. Because adults still don’t know how to talk about sex, the interviewers dance around it by saying the “Brand Experience” [05:24] is different for them, to which Brand so brilliantly replies, at 05:27, “Thank you for your casual objectification.” They all joke a bit until, at one point, Brand takes the reigns and shows them how to do their jobs — remembering all three interviewers’ names correctly after they repeatedly call him … wait for it … “Willy.” Freudian slip much?! Believe it or not, though you wouldn’t know it from the interviewers, it’s actually possible to acknowledge sexual tension and still get shit done without being sexually or intellectually intimidated by your interviewee.

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  1. Interesting guy and good article here, thanks.. I just think that apart from sexuality this guy was generally too much for comfort so they tried to marginalize through ridicule. I didn’t work.

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