Jun 202013

“Don’t date, hook up with, or marry assholes. You’ll feel more alone than if you were single. That said, even when you find a great lover, tough times eventually come and you must work through them.” Lovers, pick up my latest METRO sex column from newsstands in New York City, Philadelphia and Boston today. Find out about the F-Word in your sex life: Fighting. If you don’t live in any of those cities, you can also read my stuff online:

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I mention you shouldn’t put up with abuse. If you wanna know what that looks like, read How I Steer Clear of Crazy, Rage-Filled Lovers which includes the story about an ex who said: “This is the worst it’s going to get, Twanna. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to hit you!”

  3 Responses to “The Other “F-Word” in Your Sex Life”

  1. I think some verbal sparring (I wouldn’t call it fighting) is healthy in a relationship. It shows passion but should not be done on a regular basis. The makeup sex is always magnificent!

  2. I always feel a bit strange when I read advice about fighting with your partner, because my partner of two years and I rarely (almost NEVER) fight and I am secretly worried that this isn’t normal, maybe even unhealthy. We argue, disagree, challenge each other or debate issues, but we don’t FIGHT. We don’t yell or throw things or give each other the silent treatment like I see other couples do. We’re never seething on opposite sides of the beds after an argument, or calling our friends to complain about the other. Our relationship is fantastic, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, so it’s a weird thing for me to be asking this, but is it possible we don’t fight enough?

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