Aug 192013
Image by Larry Darling

Image by Larry Darling

As American boys and girls board school buses, something is brewing across the Atlantic. Germany is the first EU country to register babies of undetermined sex. When your high school biology classes taught you XX (female) or XY (male) genotypes, it was only the surface. The chromosome story contains more letters. Anyone can be XX, XO, XXX, XY, XXY or XYY. You don’t know if you’re XX (“girl”) or XY (“boy”) unless you’ve had chromosomal testing, which most of us likely haven’t. That’s not some earthy-crunch-liberal-bias-whatchamacallit. It’s just science. In the meantime, as we warm up to it, you’ll hear words like abnormalities or embarrassing tossed around to describe these so-called dysfunctions.

Here’s how I see it: I’m left handed. Only approximately 10 – 15% of the population is. That doesn’t make left-handedness an abnormality or dysfunction, it just means some people write with their left hands. You could argue left-handers experience sinister (pun intended) health problems, but it’s a nominal difference. For all of us, the foods we put inside of our bodies (the drugs we don’t), the time we spend exercising our asses, and the fact that we live in the U.S. instead of Afghanistan impact our life expectancies far greater than usage of our right or left hands. That’s how life works. So, yay to Berlin for registering births based on biology, not ideology.

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