Dec 112013

35 and Single:

“An Argentine woman, documenting her relationships, begins an intimate investigation searching for love and answers: must she settle down or continue to be a free spirit in order to be happy? ‘When you love and accept yourself totally, the world around you changes. In the end, happiness is a choice, isn’t it?’

  7 Responses to “35 and Single”

  1. Great article and great blog guys.
    I read this blog everyday and everyday i learn something new.
    You can clearly see that the administrator cares about the readers.
    This is one of the best blogs on the internett for sure.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  2. I admire her for this documentation and I could say that she has a very admirable personality too. I definitely agree that happiness is a choice and the results too of our choices.

  3. Way to go for being yourself :) Maybe you need to find someone who allows you to feel free. When you find the right guy, you won’t feel tied down. He will make you feel even more free!

  4. You should try Instamour the hottest new Video dating app.I met my current girlfriend on there.its video profiles and dating.Im 35 and loving life

  5. I admirer this lady for her approached.. you can move on..

  6. I like that the woman is willing to accept herself even without a relationship. There is happiness in life period. A relationship is not always needed.

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