Jul 212008

“Harold is 20, very rich and very suicidal. Maude is 79¾, very poor and so full of a sympathetic life-force that she grieves for a small tree, suffocating in the city’s pollution,” reads the original 1971 New York Times review of Hal Ashby’s cult classic Harold and Maude. Great flick. Rent it if you haven’t [...]

Jul 152008

She’s in his bedroom lying on her back. He sticks his fingertips in her belly button and makes her stomach quiver. Then, he grabs her white panties with both hands and slides them down her legs. Staring at his prey, the hot Frenchman with a Spanish last name pulls his dark sweater over head & [...]

Jul 102008

What’s sexier than cupcakes? Nothing. Oooh, yes! Cupcakes. Quick! Someone buy one, rub the frosting all over me and help me lick it off.  ;)  As I mentioned in my earlier post today, I felt like crap when I woke up this morning. I totally rebounded after a good night’s sleep, a full morning spent [...]

Jul 032008
How to Shave: Slick Summer Bodies

Before my warm shower this morning, I hadn’t removed hair from my armpits, legs and random private bits in almost a week. I felt furry. Typically, I like to keep that sh!t in order, but I’d been slipping a bit because, quite frankly, I’m not having sex on a regular basis. “No one’s going to [...]

Jun 112008
Le Matin après le Ménage à trois

I am not a slut. I shared a bed with two people at the same time, and it was fun. So, I wrote about it. Period. I was gonna write about it again with more details, but then I noticed aftershocks I wasn’t sure how to interpret. “Twanna,” wrote one of my Facebook friends, “you [...]

Jun 012008
Sex During My Period? Hell No!

[ADVISORY: DON'T EAT WHILE READING THIS.] “Ewwwww!” I practically scream as my throat closes and gag reflex kicks in. “I’m sooo not a fan of having sex when I’m on my period,” I tell Desiree [NSFW] during yesterday’s brunch in Fort Greene. She disagrees. Like many women and men, she’s okay with “sex on red [...]

May 262008
Do I Scare the Hell Out of Men?

I meet a lot of men. For example, let’s talk about my guy friend Sexy Schultzy. He’s hot as hell. I met him a few years ago when another guy, Gordon from Changing Rooms, introduced us over drinks at Perdition. I instantly clicked with Schultzy because he is, indeed, a great guy. Perfectly white teeth. [...]

May 212008

Given our recent discussion (see: Monday’s comments section) about single life, I thought I’d share a New York Times article excerpt with y’all: [A] new Web site, SingleEdition.com, wants nothing more than to embrace [singles]. And unlike dating sites that treat being single as a predicament, this one celebrates flying solo, and offers shopping, financial [...]