Aug 192013
Can You Be Something Else Besides Male or Female?

Germany is the first EU country to register babies of undetermined sex. When your high school biology classes taught you XX (female) or XY (male) genotypes, it was only the surface. The chromosome story contains more letters. Anyone can be XX, XO, XXX, XY, XXY or XYY.

Jun 062013
18 Romantic Comedies from the Guy's Perspective

Smart, strong males aren’t afraid to be vulnerable in love. For something new, here’s a list of romantic comedies from the guys perspective.They try to figure life out and fail. Unrequited love plagues their existence as they desperately try to get the Princesses Charming of their dreams. Funny. Smart. Different. Chick flicks. Thankfully, in these movies, it’s a man’s world!

Dec 112012
Sex & Consent: Nice People, Awful Things

I’d been drinking. I was crashing with an acquaintance during the gap between ending one lease and beginning another. That evening, we’d spent hours sipping martinis and gabbing at the bar. Exboyfriends. New York. Travel. Other Things. Having met her via a friend, I didn’t know her well. So, we had those conversations where you [...]

Nov 152010

Welcome to FUNKY BROWN CHICK® — where we kick the week off with manly celebrations of men. Guys. Dudes. Males. The earth’s bedicked creatures. Do we like them with red hair? Why do they behave the way they do when dating? How do they pleasure themselves with self-made toys? In case you’re new to this [...]

Nov 102010
How To Flirt Online, Via Text or In Person

Recently, I read a slightly unsettling piece of news. Apparently, according to a Jezebel article titled What Does Flirting Have To Do With It?, American women are the world’s most unsuccessful flirters. I shared the piece on my Facebook, and I privately told friends I was on a mission to flirt more — ESPECIALLY with [...]

Nov 042010
I Can't Date A Man Unless He Knows How to Fight

“What are three qualities you’re looking for in men you date?” Last weekend in DC, that’s the question a guy friend lobbed at me while sipping Patron. Having told me he likes fun women with happy dispositions who don’t live in messy apartments, he was curious about my tastes. In no particular order, I gave [...]

Sep 232010

Lovers, if it’s sexy Asian men you want, it’s sexy Asian men you shall have. Here’s my girl Jen Kwok, and she’ll tell you why dating Asian men “rocks.” You’ll recognize her from FOURPLAY, and the white dude in the video is SOCE, The Elemental Wizard. If it doesn’t load above, here’s a direct link [...]