Mar 182014
I Füçkèd Your Country: 2014 Capital Fringe Festival

I was a 22-year-old American virgin living in the UK when I had sex for the first time. Having grown up Evangelical Christian in rural Mississippi and Illinois, I was totally unprepared. All I knew was that I was not supposed to have sex until I got married. Yet, here I was: Single. In England. Ready to fuck a really pale white guy with an awesome, sexy accent. I had no clue what I was doing.

Sep 182013
How to Talk to Your 5-Year-Old Kid About Sex

I don’t think any sane, healthy adult wants to teach a 5 year old how to give blowjobs. Don’t be frightened by the growing sex ed programs available in kindergarten. Here’s what’s up … plus my tips for having a healthy, age-appropriate discussion about sex.

Aug 132013
What Does It Mean If You Hate Sex?

Lovers, if you live in ‪New York City, ‎Philadelphia‬ or ‪‎Boston‬, you can grab a copy of my column from newsstands, nearby subways, and everywhere else ink and paper hang out. Metro Newspaper is a daily printed in 15 languages in 19 countries sprinkled throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, reaching 17 million [...]

Jun 282013
Have Sex With Your Clothes On

Here’s one way to keep your clothes on while making sex even hotter: Have more adult conversations about what sexuality means to you personally and in our country. And be creative and fun while doing it!

Jun 032013
You Can Get STDs from Oral Sex, Kiddies!

People commonly get it on in three orifices — via vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Pretty much anything you can get in one hole, you can get in the others. Anal herpes? Totally a thing. Chlamydia in the mouth? It happens. HPV from performing fellatio or cunnilingus? Ask Michael Douglas.