Everyone has preferences when it comes to dating. Mine? I like foreign men. (Or, as my friend The E would say—“You and me? We don’t do domestic dick. We like our dick imported.”) So, it should come as no surprise to you that I recently met a charming young man from Australia. He’s funny, successful and very very attractive. Man, I LOOOOVE Australian accents. So, as I’m sitting here thinking about ideas for today’s topic, I figure: why not dedicate this day to those little guys from down under?

Australian men. Lately, for some reason, they seem to end up in steamy trysts with Sanaa Lathan on screen ( … first Simon Baker in Something New and now Julian McMahon in Nip Tuck). Hmm … What else do I known about Aussie men? Sure, there’s the rugged, violent-tempered caveman who hurled his phone at innocent bystanders. Yet, hotties like Curtis Stone definitely do a hell of a PR job for Aussie Men. The first time that I saw his cooking show on TLC, I thought: Him. Feed me him. I’m hungry for Australian. So, needless to say, when my friends and I went out the other night and the hot Aussie guy started chatting me up, I was definitely interested.

The Aussie Guy tells me that he’s in New York on business, and he’ll return to Australia soon. He says he’s somewhat of a minor celebrity in Australia. Being the jaded and cynical NYC-dwelling female dater that I am, I just assume the guy is making it up to make himself sound bigger. (NOTE: Later, I google him. He wasn’t joking.) Anyway, the conversation continues. We swap numbers. He calls me. I call him back. Repeat cycle. Yada, yada, yada, a few days later we’re sharing jokes, dinner and drinks downtown. Fun guy.

And, since today seems to be shaping up to be Aussie Day at the Funky Brown Chick, now it’s YOUR turn to share your Aussie story. Have any of you seen the show “Take Home Chef“? Have you been to Australia? Do you like Australian ice cream? Do you have any thoughts about Aussie men? And, of course, the ultimate question: Are Aussie Men Droolworthy or Not?