Keeping with the tradition of “Manly Mondays” I thought I’d dedicate today to penises because, well, you know, men have them and women don’t. Penises. They’re everywhere. And, if you’re even 50% less naïve than I was the first time that I started seeing them, you probably all ready know that not all penises look the same. Uncircumcised penises (with foreskins) look quite different than circumcised ones. And—again, if you’re less naïve than I used to be—you probably all ready know that American men are circumcised, but most of their brethren in other parts of the world aren’t.

Yes, folks, it’s true: international hotdogs come with buns.

Besides appearance, of course–is there really any difference between cut and uncut? If you live outside of the US, tell me, are the men in your country cut? And, finally … cut or uncut — what’s your preference?