This blog is about my life and my dates in New York City. And, I’d feel like an evil soulless bitch from hell if I didn’t take this opportunity to draw your attention to an issue that affects the lives of the vast majority of New Yorkers (self included): affordable housing. If you don’t live in New York, the term “affordable housing” might be synonymous with “poor” or “section 8” or something like that. If you live in New York, you know all too well that affordable housing is a pressing issue for most middle-class, professional people.

I don’t think that the question of affordable housing is more “important” because it now affects people like me and my friends. The issue was *already* important. It’s just finally getting the attention that it deserves because the people that it now affects actually vote. It’s one thing to screw over poor, disenfranchised non-voters. It’s another thing to screw over and piss of your voting constituency. So, if you live in New York and you pay waaay too much for rent, come to the affordable housing rally tomorrow:

WHAT: Affordable housing rally
WHEN: Wednesday, May 23rd
WHERE: Between 14th and 23rd Streets on 1st Avenue
TIME: 5:00pm sharp (lasts until 8ish, so meet at Union Square later if you can’t make it at 5)