A pithy little game called “The Superbowl” was on my television set last night. Ugly, helmet-headed, oversized boys pitter-pattered their feet on the green field. Ho hum. I pressed mute and worked on my writing projects. Football, schmootball. Real men play soccer. Seriously. I mean, come on people!!! Behold the Italian drop of deliciousness to your left. Luca Toni. Compare, if you will, his physique to that of the three NY Giants below him. He’s out of their league, right? Soccer players. I’ve written about Zinedine Zidane, posted an image of Thierry Henry and drooled over David Beckham here on the FBC. When it comes to players, I’ll skip football and help myself to two extra servings of soccer any day! So, today’s Manly Monday salutes the men of soccer. (Yeah, I was going to write about British boys, but it made sense to talk about football/soccer given: (1) I’m a New Yorker and (2) the Giants won the Superbowl. Brits coming up later.)

The only good things about the Superbowl actually start when the game stops: commercials. Ever the underwear aficionado, I was looking forward to the new Victoria’s Secret ad starring supermodel Adiana Lima. (Check out the clips on panties210: The Underwear Blog for Men and Women.) The ad was disappointingly reserved. I think Emanuela De Paula would have made a sexier choice for the primetime spot, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you watched any of the Superbowl XLII ads live or on MySpaceTV, which commercial was your favorite?