Ah, sex toys for men. When Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall screwed around in the movie MannequinSex and the City‘s Samantha Jones became the original real doll. Lars and the Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling brought the plastic women to the big screen again and real doll manfacturers bring them directly to you.

Check out the documentary  Guys and Dolls. There’s a film synopsis from The Documentary Blog (via The Current Outlook via The DigiGuide): “Documentary about the men who use sophisticated life-size dolls for sexual satisfaction and more – such as dates, affection and lifelong companionship. Featuring a young American man who gives his doll daily massages in the home he shares with his disapproving Mum and Dad; a British man who takes his doll out on day trips to the coast where she watches him hang- glide; and two Americans who live with multiple dolls, one of whom shares his eight synthetic lovers with his human girlfriend.”

See? Fascinating.