Hey, folks. Sorry for the post-free day(s). Lots going on. Good stuff. Networking stuff.

Couple of blog housekeeping things … Interesting comments posted (and emails received) recently. I’ll respond over the weekend. If you’d like to track comments for a particular post, remember you can always click that “follow comments” button — or whatever the thing says — at the end of a post’s comments page. Swag giveaway winners — sending you emails with details. Will post results results when I have a moment.

And, now, Sex 2.0. Presenting this weekend. The whole thing takes place in a 10,000 square foot, fully equipped dungeon located 10 miles north of downtown Atlanta. DEFINITELY the winner for most interesting conference venue ever. I think I’m gonna live blog and/or Twitter it. If you’re around online, check here to see live video, photos, interactive commentary, etc something else.

More soon.