Of course I’m going to write about Barack. I’m originally from Obamaland — Illinois. (If you didn’t know that, you can read this, this and this for more info.) I volunteered on Obama’s state senator campaign back when few people outside of my beautiful home state knew his name — let alone how to spell or pronounce it. I love it that he’s the democratic nominee; he’s already got my vote. “Ewww, but this blog is about sex, dating and relationships,” you protest. “Why are you writing about politics?” Oh, silly people! ;) Don’t you know? I wanna have sex, date and enter into a delicious relationship with Obama. But, I can’t because he’s married. So, instead, I just write about him, his non-cockblocking ways and my sexual fantasies about the man. You know. That kind of stuff.

Dropping by the lovely Afrobella‘s site, I stumbled upon this oh-too-funny “Barack Does Bollywood” video. Thought I’d share it with you all:

Cute, huh? By the way … Full disclosure? I have a longterm memory, and I’m not gonna jump on the bandwagon and pretend that I didn’t like the Clintons back in the day. Yesteryear, I’m pretty sure I chose the C-ticket twice. A New Yorker now, I voted Hillary for New York senate and (many years before that) I picked Bill for the presidency. And, sooooo, um, yeah, I’m gonna leave that there. More sex, dating and relationships stuff tomorrow.


VIDEO: Found on YouTube via Think on These Things via Afrobella