Yesterday, I went to the 9th Annual Hudson River Blues and BBQ Festival over on the west side of 14th Street at the river. Delicious BBQ ribs, freshly grilled corn and homemade cookies served by a 20-something cub with brown hair and blue eyes who was waaaaay too cute for words. “You’re all excited about the food,” the Rob Lowe look-a-like laughed as he looked at my grinning face. “Oh baby,” I whispered in a friend’s direction, “it’s not his food that’s got me all hot and bothered.” What a cutie. Anyway, back to the blues.

Born in Chicago and raised in Mississippi, I’m somewhat of a snob about that stuff. (See Chicago blues. See Mississippi blues.) Still, the fest was really good and great times were had by all. In one of those “only in New York” moments, I was enjoying the the hoochy coochy music on the gorgeously sunny day when a brown-haired New York Sun reporter snapped pictures of me and asked me interview questions about my clothes. Sweetest little thing, she was. Apparently she was writing a story about the Best Dressed at the Fest or something like that.

This morning, I went online to to read the piece on then ran to the newsstand to get a hard copy. Why? Because I get really geeked up about that stuff. I love fashion. Pretty clothes make me happy. Plus, although I’m a New Yorker now, I come from a long line of country-bumpkins; we get excited when we see our picture in the newspaper. New Yorkers, on your way home today, pick up a copy of the New York Sun. Out-of-town folks, read the article online here:

The Belles & Gents of the Hudson River Park Blues BBQ Festival

Photo credit: See images of me and the other festival-goers online at New York Sun.