I should’ve spent the weekend writing. Instead, I spent waaaay more time than I should’ve setting up www.twannahines.com. I bought the URL a while ago; here’s what’s up.

Okay, so, people come to my site for many different reasons. Some folks are regulars. You’ve been reading FUNKYBROWNCHICK.com since damn near the beginning. You know about my really hard unemployment days, the trip to London, Boy #2, the panty-sniffing Irish guy and a bunch of other stuff I’ve written about over the years. It’s like we’ve got our own funky brown chick “inside language.” For example, if I say “Manly Monday,” you know what that means. You’re regulars, die hards. And, I sincerely appreciate your support.

Each day, new people come here, too. You guys find me by googling different stuff or whatever the hell you do to arrive here. Some of you come back. Some of you never will. Other folks who drop by are ex boyfriends, old high school friends, people I knew from when I lived in The Netherlands, former coworkers and bosses and so on. You googled my name, found me and thought: “Oh my!” :)

For various reasons, it makes sense to separate out my general, personal online stuff from my blog. Twanna is Funky Brown Chick. Funky Brown Chick is Twanna. That hasn’t change. I’ve just got two sites now. Funky Brown Chick the blog is and always will be at www.funkybrownchick.com. And, if you just want “Twanna” stuff (photos, recently published articles, contact info, audio or video from press appearances, etc.) as well as the “what I’ve been up to lately” stuff, you can get that at www.twannahines.com. The blog is pink. My personal site is predominantly black and white.

You may have noticed the split is still in progress. Two reasons for this: # 1: I handcode, install, manipulate my CSS and PHP myself. I could pay someone to do it because that would take up less of my time, but I’d rather learn about how the web evolves by doing myself. I handcoded my first site in 1995 when I lived in Los Angles and taught folks how to make webpages from <html> to </html>. I’ve handcoded every site I’ve run since then. Hat tip and THANK YOU to WordPress for powering www.funkybrownchick.com. Big drippy kisses on my dear Jon Yongfook‘s lips for creating SweetCron; I’m trying it on at www.twannahines.com and, so far, I’m LOVIN it. Smooches, Yongfook! By the way, hugs to all the web developers, producers, etc. who’ve created various themes I’ve stitched together (on both sites!) to come up with something that works well for me.

Oh, wait, shit, I said I had a second reason why www.twannahines.com isn’t done yet, didn’t I?  :) Reason #2: I want your input. I constantly say “I’ve got the best readers on the internet” and I really truly mean it. So, as I break some stuff away from this site and move it over to www.twannahines.com, I definitely want to know if there’s anything that you’d like to see STAY here and/or ADDED to my personal site. Your feedback and comments, as always, are greatly appreciated. Email ’em if you’d like.

C’est tout. Gonna write the Manly Monday post for today since it’s officialy Monday — albeit it only 2:31 am EST. After that, I’m going to bed.