If you’re in the mood for sexy, interesting flicks about hot younger men and sexy older women pairings, I’ll recommend my top 10 faves (as of 2008):

PRIME: Watch this one if you’ve ever thought, “I soooo don’t get the appeal of younger men.” You’ll get it after this. :) The movie shows the pros and cons. The pros, of course, are extremely delicious.

NOTES ON A SCANDAL: Posh British woman marries an older man and cheats on him with a soccer-playing Irish teen in her school. (Damn that kid is hot; fret not, he’s legal.) In addition to the older man younger woman much younger man trio, there’s a little older woman / younger woman crushing too.

HAROLD AND MAUDE: GILF sex. How could I not include this one??

HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK: Believe it or not, I’ve never done the whole “vacation fling.” I’ve had a fling with a dude while he was on his vacation, but never during my own. Must. Take. Vacation. Soon.

Y Tu Mama Tambien: What’s better than hooking up with a younger guy? Hooking up with two at the same time. :)

Class: I used to be a huge Rob Lowe fan. That Andrew guy? Not so much.

FOOD OF LOVE: Instead of the older female teacher / younger male student stuff, this one has an older male teacher and younger male student. Hot. I’ve kinda got a thing for guy-on-guy action. Plus, I love Kevin Bishop. See him in this movie, then watch L’Auberge Espagnole. Hard to believe it’s the same guy. Good actor.

RUSHMORE: Damn, this “older female teacher and younger male students” stuff is a common theme. Male FUNKY BROWN CHICK readers, tell me: Did ALL of you fantasize about getting it on with your teachers when you were in school?!?

THE GOOD GIRL: This is probably my favorite Jennifer Aniston movie.

THE GRADUATE: Well, hello Mrs. Robinson! Gotta include the old standby, no?

* For the record, I soooo wanted to include ALFIE (Jude Law and Susan Sarandon), but I’m saving that one for a different post about the hottest interracial couples.