New York Public Library

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Apologies if this post doesn’t appear correctly on the page. I can’t see it because I had to write and publish everything via Flickr. I’m at the library right now, and New York Public Library blocked access to my site. After a bit of digging, I’ve discovered the reason they’ve censored it is: “The Websense category ‘Sex’ is filtered.” Couple of thoughts.

(1) How the fuck did my site get labeled with the “sex category”??? I don’t mind being called a sex site, mind you. I’d just like to know who / how / where / what entity is doing the labeling and what criteria they’re using.

(2) If the New York Public Library censors ALL sites slapped with a “sex” label, wouldn’t that include sex EDUCATION sites as well? In fact, I just tried to access Violet Blue’s EXCELLENT resource for teen sex education on Guess what? Yep. That site’s blocked, too.

Book burning = bad. Banning sex ed websites = good. Okay. Got it.

Anyway, moving right along … Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a couple days and I skipped posting a pic of yesterday’s juicy Manly Monday pick. I’m SUPER DUPER fucking serious about finishing my book in 2009, and I’ve been working on it like a mad woman ever since I returned to New York from my Illinois holiday trip. Fret not, I’m back to regular blogging now. (And, of course, I’m still working on my book.)

By the way, I know haven’t yet responded to comments some of you left on recent posts but, rest assured, I’ve read everything. For example, I noticed a dude named Steve wrote: “I have been masturbating profusely for over 25 years, and am able to complete the job with or without lube equally well.”

Damn, I fucking love my readers … and the NYPL, even though they have 0% love for On that note … I came to the library to work on my book. Must get to it.