I really enjoyed reading at the Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak event at Borders yesterday. I gave the most honest delivery I could. It wasn’t a saccharine-sweet “my life is perfect” tale. But, I can’t help it; I rarely hide messes in my personal love affairs. I figure we all have heartache & sad things happen to us; so, why not talk about it? In fact, one of the first pieces I ever read at SMITH magazine — the producers of Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak— was story about a guy whose sibling died: Something happened, and he drowned.

“Chris, my older brother, died four years ago,” Something happened starts. “He was 34, single, and living in Chicago. I just turned 35; I’m now older than he ever got to be.” Read the whole story. It’s touching. Maybe I relate to it because I’ll be 35 next year and I couldn’t fathom losing my sibling at this age. Maybe the story resonates because, though I now live in New York City, I’m originally from the same city as the piece’s author: Chicago. Or, perhaps I like the piece so much because — whether on the page or on film — I’m inspired when others share stories about painful loss, heartache and failure because it lets me know life isn’t always perfect and, therefore, it’s okay if I’m not either. Love is an amazing, and it’s most honest (and most truthful!) when we don’t ignore its sinister sister: heartache. It’s like that saying goes [not sure who wrote/said it]: “Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.” So, THANK you to Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser for including me last night’s program, allowing me to share my “heartbreak story” with others. Now, on a cheerier note, my friends at YourTango just shot me an email with a bunch of links to Valentine’s Day-related stuff; so I thought I’d share the info with you. Full disclosure: The mag named me their blogger crush a short while ago and, of course, the love is mutual:

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