Red Canna by Georgia O'KeefeBefore I shower and brush my teeth, I open my laptop and check my Facebook, Twitter, email and e-calendar to see what’s in store for the day. The absolutely lovely message at the top of my inbox read, in part: “Basically, I want photos of your vulva.” Less raunchy than it sounds, it was just a notice about a new project in vein of Betty Dodson‘s work. A yet-to-be-created site will collect vag photos to show the vast diversity of shape, size, form and color “down there.” If you want more info this exciting venture — or if you’d like to participate — submit questions, comments, pics of your lady bits or any other lovely lady goodies to VaginalRevolution on gmail. There ya go. Just doing my part to spread (no pun intended) the word. Okay, so, by the way …. speaking of vaginas, why didn’t anyone tell me BBC America sneakily aired Perfect Private Parts at 2:00 am last night / this morning? The segment’s description from the site:

“How far will women go to achieve perfection for a body part that not many people will ever see? A journalist meets with sex therapists, plastic surgeons and patients to understand why girls as young as sixteen are requesting cosmetic vaginal surgeries.”

You guys!! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I would’ve watched. Shit, I hope they rerun it. Did anyone catch it? If so, what did you think? By the way, if you’re interested in reading stuff about vaginoplasty, BBC News ran a trend story about it last September. Also, a growing number of people are asking: “How can we judge African societies as being barbaric and not condemn equally the cutting of women in the West […]” Probably a very good question with lots of food for thought / debate. Hmmm, since I’ve got vagina on the brain, it might be a good time to mention I’ve noticed the female voices have been relatively silent in the Funky Brown Chick comments section lately. Where are my girls? Stand up and have your vulvas counted!! The demographics constantly shift around here. So, I’m taking census because I’m curious. Please use the comment section to tell me whether you’re male, female or other.

Full-color poster of “Red Canna” (pictured) by Georgia O’Keefe is available at Also, if you’re into her work, check out the online home of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.