As I mentioned on my Facebook, yesterday at different events, I met two FUNKY BROWN CHICK® readers. Ruth says she reads on a regular basis, but she never comments; Jocelyn commented for the first time that morning and we randomly bumped into each other that night. I usually average 2,000 – 3,000 unique visitors per day. Not to go all stalkery on your asses, but I know you’re here because I can “see” how many people are on my site via analytics. I love love LOVE: my regular commenters, those of you who only speak up occasionally, and the folks who drop by regularly but never say a word. Who are you?!?! :) And — more importantly — why are you so shy, my darlings?

Periodically, I like to shake tree branches and kick bushes to see who’s lurking in the background. Can you do me a favor? Whether this is your first time visiting here or your 100th, leave a comment. Say hello, and tell me where you are at this very moment. Here, I’ll start. “Hi, cuties! Greetings from New York.” Seeee, that wasn’t so bad, was it? ;) Now, it’s your turn. We’re waiting.

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