Water Jet

Dick flicks. A cinephile, I’ve rated 1,368 movies on Netflix. I’ve attended International Film Festival Rotterdam, and created programming in conjunction with Chicago International Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. When I lived in Holland, I volunteered at Amnesty International Film Festival in Amsterdam. Stateside, in 2006 and 2007, I volunteered at Tribeca Film Festival; I was hired there the following year.

Since my tastes gravitate toward cerebral, sexually intense films featuring quirky/complicated relationships, I’ve seen an uncountable number of naked chicks on screen. “Sure, boobs and vaginas are great,” Salon.com says, “but where, egalitarians might ask, are all the penises?” Great question. Bring on the dongs and schlongs. More dicks in flicks! Thanks to Salon and Gawker, here’s a quick list of popular movies featuring male full frontal nudity.

Not too many, huh? “It is still a male-dominated business,” says film professor Sarah Riddick in an Associated Press interview. “[M]en are more likely to show female nudity.” If I’ve forgotten any U.S. movies with male nudity, list more of your favorites in the comment section below. Luckily, dudes outside the U.S. are more secure in their manhood and less terrified about filming other dudes’ junk. In fact, if you want to see Ewan McGregor’s penis in YOUNG ADAM, you simply have to watch England-born director David Mackenzie’s original British version of the film. Sony Classics castrated the scene when they imported it to the U.S. Here’s McGregor to Premiere Magazine, “If I’d blown away 5,000 people with a semiautomatic machine gun, that would be fine. But I showed my penis […] It does amuse me, the horrific violence that comes out of American cinema. But someone’s cock is too much?”

Ewan McGregor Greets His Fans