Twanna at 16 Years Old

I thought breeding was required of all adults; once I figured out I had a choice in these matters, I knew I’d remain happily childfree. I told friends: I’m not getting married and I’m never having children. About the marriage stuff? Perhaps, I felt less vulnerable declaring my choices rather than waiting for fate to decide.

Did you see A Conversation With My 12-Year-Old Self: 20th Anniversary? If I could rewind time and speak to teen Twanna, I’d tell her: “You’ll grow up to be an aunt who adores her nephews, and your friends will all have cute kids — well, most of their kids will be cute. Still, it’s okay if you don’t desire to have children of your own. Just remember life could surprise you; words like ‘never’ don’t leave room for growth. And that husband stuff? Maybe you’ll marry. Maybe you won’t. In any case, you deserve to find a life partner who loves, cherishes and respects you for the protagonist you’ve always been. Don’t settle for anything less — even if it means you’re single much longer than you ever thought or hoped you would be. Live happily ever after anyway. One day, the right guy will join your adventures.”