I founded FUNKY BROWN CHICK® in 2005, the year three dudes created YouTube and the other dude simplified his company’s name from “The Facebook” to “Facebook.” Funny thing, you know, being public so long. I grow, change my mind, heal, and learn new things. Yet, an update posted 7 years ago doesn’t have the same autoflexibility; it just shows who I was nearly a decade ago. Here’s a more direct route to what I’m trying to say: If you read something on FUNKY BROWN CHICK® from a long time ago, it may show who I was then and not necessarily who I am now. Take How to Date Hot Men. Longtime reader Howard called it “the most beautiful enterprisingly shallow thing I’ve ever read.” That made me laugh, and I thank him for the honesty.

Muhammad Alionce wisely stated, “The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” I’m neither a dude nor a quinquagenarian, though his words are useful for all of us: grow up. The trick is, no one can tell you exactly how to do that because it’s different for each of us. We all do it in our own way.


Here’s one of the ways FUNKY BROWN CHICK® has grown up lately. Prior to my first hiring as a sex columnist and commissioning as a freelance writer, the website was an anonymously-penned tell all where I chronicled my romantic life. Wayback Machine shows what it looked like then and what I wrote about. Many years later — and credentials, experience, exposure, talent, luck, and a bunch of other stuff — FUNKY BROWN CHICK® now offers a voyeuristic peek into the professional life of a sex writer and sex educator. It’s still a destination where I chronicle my life, just in a very different way. Enjoy free commentary. I really want to improve the world’s love lives, including my own. Smart sex. Hotter relationships.

I’ll hunt web design and web develop options to tweak the design a bit so it matches the newer focus. In the meantime, I’m making updates to: (1) organize old content in a way that makes it easier to find the most useful information and (2) upload my writing, TV, radio, and other clips to give you access to full multimedia resources instead of just simply words on a page. Did you catch that? I’m focusing on content first, design second. Similar to my more matured views on men, looks still matter but what’s inside matters so much more.