I would like to live in Zach Braff’s dimples. I respect him as an artist, and I’ll always love Scrubs and the idea of Garden State. Via Twitter, I recently discovered his Kickstarter project, WISH I WAS HERE. Fellow humans creating beautiful, artistic things excite me. Though, there’s an interesting story with Zach Braff’s $2 million haul.

Zach Braff

Kickstarter is (was?) the lesser-known filmmaker’s door into the business. I’ve supported and/or promoted many friends’ and acquaintances’ fun projects. The site allowed Nancy’s xoxosms to become  this, and she later won the White House Apps Against Abuse Contest for co-creating sexual violence prevention app Circle of 6. Therese’s How to Lose Your Virginity developed into a virginity movie that has an interactive project opening at the Kinsey InstituteDebbie’s Seeking Asian Female attracted The New York Times attention and PBS picked it up for distribution.

We shouldn’t necessarily have to choose independent or mainstream; we can have both. Pretty amazing things could happen if and when network TV and studio film people link up with those who have traditionally embraced independent spaces. For example, although certainly not perfect, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s hitRECordJoe is one creative model sustaining independent media. Another model? I’ve love to see Zach raise awareness of Kickstarter’s women and minority filmmakers. There’s also general stuff like SoKap. In any event, keep your eyes on WISH I WAS HERE … and more films like it. Let’s hope they won’t further stimulate cinema’s current sickness: More money, less variety.