Hearing from many of you over the past few days inspired me to fill everyone in on what I’ve been up to. I post personal updates online,Ā somewhere, every day. Let’s find each other in any tucked-away corners where we haven’t already connected. Here’s where I’m most active:

And I have a few updates. I used to work full-time in marketing communications; freelance consult on a part-time basis; and write, teach, speak, and perform one-woman shows about sex ed for adults.

I started thinking about what it would mean to have a more balanced life.

Everything boils down to this: I want to create a kinder, more accepting, and loving world. It’s important to me that everyone has the ability to live up to their fullest potential because that’s what helps eradicate violence, abuse, hate, and other negativity. So, for me, that means two things:

  1. I will always work in the arts to spread sex education & advice about healthy relationships.
  2. I want to support fellow artists, nonprofits, and small businesses who are doing good in the world ā€” rallying a collaborative of fun folks to help them grow. So, I’ve started a business.

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing creatively in sex education & healthy relationships for adults, keep tabs on the portfolio section of this site. OnĀ twannahines.com, fellow artists, nonprofits, and small businesses can get support to grow their businesses.

Two purposes. Two websites. Until I get a stronger sense of who needs what info where, I’m keeping them separate as both evolve organically ā€” of course, bringing the folks who love and/or support me along on the entrepreneurial journey. Find out how you canĀ help spread the news.