Education award-winning educator


I’m one of those freaks who actually enjoyed high school. It’s where all my friends where. Plus, I liked figuring stuff out and learning new things. Both of my parents were teachers. Although I graduated from Illinois State University (B.S., cum laude, Sociology), I eventually got the fuck out of the cold and finished off grad school at Florida State University (M.S., Sociology). Post-grad studies at Universiteit van Amsterdam and New York University.

I geek out about science: evidence-based training, curriculum development, and data science. From speaking at Harvard (ahem, I thinks it’s pronounced Haahvard, no?) to working one-­on-­one with undergraduate students at Florida State University to evaluating mobile social and behavior change communications interventions in Malawi, I’ve worked in communications and designed workshops for a broad range of folks with differing levels of competencies in small and large settings.

Happily childfree, I get confused and break out into hives around small children. Teens, college students, executives, and other adults are my thing. Never stop learning, lovers! To see samples of my work with target populations across the lifecourse, check out my portfolio.