Business Intelligence (BI) / Organizational Data Audit — $4895
We help your organization develop the integrated strategy and common language needed to identify opportunities, eliminate inefficiencies, evaluate effectiveness, and align tactics across website, mobile, email, social media, and other digital channels. What’s more? Our month-long process includes a focus group with key stakeholders, data analytics, key performance indicator recommendations, and a summary report.
Interactive Organizational Dashboard — $3,799
Our beautiful, interactive dashboards provide your key internal and external stakeholders with real-time status updates. Our creative process for building dashboards delivers more than interactive pie charts, bar graphs, and maps. Our data analytics help you understand historical, current, and predictive scenarios needed to communicate and improve your impact.
Digital Marketing Bootcamp
Small Group (5-10 people)
Large Group (10+ people)
Digital marketing can be confusing! You may realize that you could use a little help in this arena. It’s no longer enough to interact with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as separate platforms. Your social media must become part of an integrated marketing platform. During this quick, 4-part training, learn easy-to-implement digital marketing strategies to help increase your bottom line. We’ll cover:
— Alternatives to Facebook
— Google Grants for Nonprofits
— Adwords for Google
— Facebook Advertising Campaigns
Digital Public Awareness and Outreach Campaigns
Learn how to design ads or write social media content that reaches your intended audience, use digital ads to build brand awareness and increase your conversion rate, and measure audience engagement.
Digital Fundraising Campaign Set Up — $1,500
Advertising on Facebook or Google. For our highest performing digital advertising campaigns, our deep experience and knowledge of data analytics translates to 2Xs – 4Xs returns for our clients. Total costs for the digital fundraising campaign deployment includes the $1,500 campaign set up fee, and we recommend investing up to $150 per day for national campaigns.
Social Media Marketing Implementation — $499
Short on time or staff members? Outsource your social media posting. We will consistently and seamlessly optimize, post, and analyze social media content for a single platform — such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — to help engage your audiences. Deliverables include up to two (2) social media posts daily, including weekends, for up to 30 days.
Monthly Retainer — $2,725
Our monthly retainer package includes 20 hours of flex hours your organization can use to address any digital or data-related issues that may develop throughout our time working together. Terrain included in the 20 flex hours may include, but is not limited to: digital fundraising; content consultations; evaluating ROI on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram; monitoring priority-issues; identifying media opportunities; campaign marketing; SEO; influencer marketing; and analytics reporting.
Hourly Rate — $175
For smaller projects, our services are available on an hourly basis. Get in touch with us. We’re happy to price out one-off projects that need strategic data and digital marketing support.