Twanna A. Hines


Sex is not inherently wrong, slutty or vulgar. That’s why I promote judgment-free, inclusive sex education and healthy interpersonal relationships.

FUNKY BROWN CHICK® is my online creative portfolio. I started it in 2005 after I ditched a safe, stable life in my native Illinois’ bosom to leap into the big unknown called New York City. I took a risk. I jumped. And, I landed right on my ass. Mice in my Manhattan apartment. Dates with a guy who “showed” me he doesn’t wear underwear. Unemployment. A rendezvous with a man who told me he wanted to piss in my mouth. I needed a place to vent.

In the beginning, I posted pseudo-anonymously as “funkybrownchick” to, in part, share thoughts about my sex & dating life without fearing judgement. I linked my name, face and words a year later when a magazine called Nerve asked me to pen a dating column. I was an experienced sex educator and advocate, but I was still awestricken (People get paid to write?!). I accepted their offer. In the years since, I’ve appeared on CNN, NPR, Sirius and other international outlets around the globe, and I’ve been quoted by The New York Times. I’ve written for The Guardian, New York Press, TimeOut New York, Huffington Post, Fast Company magazine and others. (See: bio.)

So, when I’m not on TV, radio, or in bylines, I provide progressive causes technical assistance with integrated marketing communications strategy to help them scale awareness, change audience behavior, generate funds, and grow audiences. In Twannaspeak, I basically just want to make the world a happier, healthier, and more peaceful place.

Currently, I live in fabulous Silver Spring, Maryland. Previously, I lived in Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, The Hague and elsewhere. Regardless where future path(s) may lead, I will forever be grateful to New York City for gifting me with a bolder, more creative life.