Founded by award-winning sexual health educator & entrepreneur Twanna A. Hines, FUNKY BROWN CHICK, Inc. is creating a more just, loving, and healthy world, free of oppression.

We help social justice causes reach wider audiences and gain financial sustainability using data, digital and mobile technologies.

While our roots may be in advancing sexual reproductive health education and reproductive justice, we also understand that:

  1. Sex is inherently intersectional, and
  2. Everything interconnected.

Our clients and partners represent a wide variety of sectors and communities — from nonprofits and NGOs to small, independent businesses. One thing we all have in common? A commitment to progressive values.

We’re glad you’re here!

FUNKY BROWN CHICK is a creative social enterprise founded by Twanna A. Hines. We’re creating a better world by producing artistic projects and by partnering nonprofits, government agencies, small business owners, and artists.

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Silver Spring, 20910


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