Founded by award-winning sexual health educator & entrepreneur Twanna A. Hines, FUNKY BROWN CHICK produces artistic projects & partners with organizations who share our vision of a more just, loving, healthy and unoppressed world. A strategic planning and communications firm, we are in the business of matchmaking.

On the data and digital strategy side of the firm, we connect clients with audience who need them. For nonprofits, its audiences who will donate, volunteer, advocate, and otherwise support their mission. For small businesses, it’s folks who will pay for their goods and services.

On the creative strategies side, through writing, teaching, speaking, performing theater and other artistic endeavors, we help individuals connect with others to enjoy healthier sex lives and and happier relationships.

In our founder’s words

About the business

Sex is inherently intersectional. If we’re ever to achieve truly comprehensive, sexual and reproductive health education for all, we need everyone to do their part. Because, when you do, you make the world a better place. Your fight is our fight. That’s why we only work with progressive clients. We connect you to people who need you. And, by the way, to reduce health disparities and other inequities, we need you to succeed, too.

About sex education

Raised in rural Illinois, I was a recipient of abstinence-only programs. As a result, when I became sexually active in my twenties, I lacked the most basic understanding of human sexual anatomy and health. I strongly felt I needed to build a space where adults could discuss sex openly without fearing judgment. I started blogging anonymously using the name FUNKY BROWN CHICK. Soon, a publication that has since gone out of print, Nerve, asked me to pen a dating column. I was awestruck: People get paid to write?! (Remember: I’m from rural Illinois.) I accepted their offer. Follow the whole story.

Why the arts matter

If we can imagine a world with less injustice, we can build it. The arts and pop culture introduce us to new people, cultures, and ways of seeing the world.

We’re glad you’re here!

FUNKY BROWN CHICK is a creative social enterprise founded by Twanna A. Hines. We’re creating a better world by producing artistic projects and by partnering nonprofits, government agencies, small business owners, and artists.

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