Twanna A. Hines


Sex is not inherently wrong, slutty or vulgar. That’s why I promote judgment-free, inclusive sex education and healthy interpersonal relationships.

If you’re interested in the business, through FUNKY BROWN CHICK, Inc., I support fellow artists, nonprofits and small business owners. Find out how.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, personally, you’ve come to the right place. I started writing publicly about sex and healthy relationships, under the name FUNKY BROWN CHICK®, in 2005. Soon, a publication that has since gone out of print, Nerve, asked me to pen a dating column. I was an experienced sex educator and advocate, but I was still awestricken: People get paid to write?! (Note: I’m from rural Illinois.) I accepted their offer.

In the years since, I’ve appeared on CNN, NPR, Sirius and other outlets around the globe, and I’ve been quoted by The New York Times. Shout out to all the wonderful people who’ve supported my work since the early days of the Nerve Blog-A-Log. ( … I’m looking at you “Mama Christy,” “Amy D” who became “Amy B,” and more …) — and, of course, to lovely editors at Fast Company, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Metro, New York Press and others who’ve hired me as a freelance writer. I also speak, train, teach, perform one-woman storytelling shows in theaters, etc. (See: bio.)

Currently, I live in fabulous Silver Spring, Maryland. Previously, I lived in Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, The Hague and elsewhere. Regardless where future path(s) may lead, I will forever be grateful to New York City for gifting me with a bolder, more creative life.