5 Tips to Find the Right Digital Marketing Trainer

Digital marketing can be confusing – there’s so many things to know! You may realize that you could use a little help in this area. You need a digital marketing trainer, but you don’t know where to look. Lots of companies offer digital marketing services and training, but they may not actually be well-versed in the fundamentals of digital marketing themselves. So how do you know who to trust? Here’s a few tips:

1. Make sure your digital marketing trainer understands Facebook ads.

Sure, there are other ad networks out there, but Facebook’s Ads Manager is the most popular advertising network used today. Any firm you hire for training should be well-versed in this platform. A digital marketing trainer should be able to cover:  

  • The types of ad formats commonly used on Facebook;
  • The pros and cons of each format;
  • How to design ads or write copy that reaches your intended audience;
  • Using Facebook ads to build brand awareness and increase your conversion rate;
  • How to measure audience engagement; and
  • The benefits of using Facebook ads versus other platforms.

2. Data talks — your digital marketing trainer should know what it’s saying.

digital marketing trainer

Any firm you work with should understand the importance of data analysis. They should also be able to actually interpret it. (It helps if they are data scientists.) Your trainer should also provide guidance on how to set up goals so you’ll meet your objectives and receive the data you most need. A trainer should also be able to explain what information you’ll gather from all the different applications you may use. For example, there’s a difference between cost per click, and cost per donation — and anyone teaching you about digital marketing should know that.

3. How is your money being spent?

Just like donors want to know how their donation is used, when evaluating digital marketing trainers, you should think about the same. Does the firm employ a large staff? Have a slick website? Use beautiful brochures or stationery? Consider how a firm uses its resources – slick promotional materials could mean they’re spending a lot more of their income on marketing, not necessarily on professional development and continued education. Don’t be fooled by tech jargon and SEO – there’s a difference between a company talking about what it can offer and showing its actual knowledge and experience. Quality of work is what matters most!

4. The price may be right — but the work may not be.

digital marketing trainer

Everybody loves a good deal! So, when you see one, particularly for digital marketing services, you may be tempted to go with it. But in the long run, it just might pay to be wary of “amazing” discounts or flashy offers. Quality work often means paying a little more. But to ensure you receive the training you need, look at the types of services the firm provides. Reach out to former clients about their experiences. Free help is great, as long as you’re getting what you truly need. Remember – you often get what you pay for!

5. Experience is nice — in the right areas.

When looking at firms to work with, it makes sense to consider how much experience a firm has, particularly if your organization or business does not have much experience with digital marketing. The assumption is that you’ll learn more from the firm who’s worked with a lot of well-known clients on a variety of projects. However, that’s not always the case. What’s more important than the number (and status) of clients? Making sure you are being trained by people who have experience addressing your specific needs. So, while it may look impressive to see that a company has created lots of killer websites or run a million email campaigns, that experience won’t help them understand how to run a Facebook campaign — meaning they can’t teach YOU how to run a Facebook campaign.

digital marketing trainer

Having a digital marketing plan is a necessity. Because of this, marketing firms with little experience in digital often want to add this dimension to their services. Sometimes this knowledge is gained by simply looking up what they think they need to know about digital marketing online, and then holding digital marketing trainings. As these companies are learning digital marketing on the fly, you, the client, end up paying for someone to learn new skills on your dime! When looking for digital marketing trainers, it pays — literally — to carefully evaluate what firm to work with. Don’t be swayed by slick advertising or the number of clients a firm has; what that firm ultimately produces is most important.

We hope these tips are useful. If you have additional questions about what to look for regarding training, or if you need some digital marketing training yourself, contact FUNKY BROWN CHICK, Inc.