Happy 2023!

As you may know, FUNKY BROWN CHICK is a U.S.-based, woman-owned business with 10 team members spread across locations in the U.S. and Europe. We focus on sexual and reproductive health, rights, education, and justice. Our clients work in 9 impact areas of social impact that intersect with sexual health, as our firm has expertise in each:

  • Civic engagement & voting rights
  • Climate justice
  • Food security
  • Arts for Social Change
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
  • Immigration justice
  • Income and employment
  • Racial justice

If any of that was news to you, get ready to discover even more! We love life-long learners: Never. Stop. Learning.

About the Firm’s Growth

Did you know our founder Twanna A. Hines started the firm in 2005?! Back then, it was a solopreneurship with a single line of business. FUNKY BROWN CHICK, Inc. was literally her. She’s funky. She has brown skin. A very femmy cisgender woman, she’s okay with you calling her “chick”. So, FUNKY BROWN CHICK was her side hustle to manage her magazine and newspaper article-writing career/side hustle as she worked full-time in marketing at Newsweek, Fast Company, BBC, and elsewhere.

To keep her personal business affairs in order, FUNKY BROWN CHICK brought on an attorney. Shortly after that, as the number of articles Twanna was quickly writing about sexual health increased, we brought on an in-house editor to serve as a second pair of eyes on her pieces before she sent them out.

Side hustle culture can be toxic, and it can lead to burnout. Over the years — while rising up the ranks and working full time — Twanna also simultaneously:

  • Spoke about sexual and reproductive health at college campuses, corporations, and conferences — including 7 times at SXSW 
  • Performed and wrote in three one-woman theater shows about sex
  • Wrote hundreds of newspaper columns, magazine articles, and blog posts
  • Appeared on television, radio, and in documentary films in the U.S.
  • And more.

In 2018, she quit. Of course, she could never quit sexual health. Instead, she quit working full-time in digital marketing for other people and brought on a second line of business to FUNKY BROWN CHICK.

The Great Expansion!

In the past few years, we’ve been busy hiring, onboarding, training, and welcoming to our firm: a bookkeeper, accountant, interns, associates, project lead, agents, finance & operations team members — and an executive coach who frequently reminds Twanna that the best thing that she can do for her business is take time off.

Our two lines of business are all about:


From data analytics to social media marketing or digital marketing, our firm helps international NGOs, nonprofits, and small businesses expand their impact. By this, we mean we help them exponentially grow the amount of money they raise, the people they reach, and the content they produce. If your organization could use help with this, please get in touch with us.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

We also produce Twanna’s creative projects that spread sexual and reproductive health education. Learn more.

At 18, now that we’re adults, it’s a good year to re-launch our company blog. Throughout 2023, we’ll provide you with regular updates about our work and our impact.

To kick us off, we have a great update from one of our team members, Noa. After joining us two years ago, she spent the last seven months of 2022 digital nomading around the U.S. while working for our firm. Read all about her experiences in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Being a U.S. Digital Nomad.