Why Our Firm Is Closed on Independence Day

As Independence Day approaches, we take a moment to reflect on the significance of this historic day. Independence Day, celebrated on July 4th, is a time for us to honor and appreciate the principles that the US was founded upon, including personal rights and freedoms.

At the heart of this celebration lies the Declaration of Independence, which boldly proclaimed the thirteen US colonies’ separation from England. This monumental step towards freedom paved the way for the US to establish its own government and create a society rooted in liberty and justice. Much later, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights became additional cornerstones of our nation’s identity. These foundational documents outline the fundamental rights and freedoms that every American enjoys. They remind us of the immense importance placed on protecting individual liberties and ensuring that our government remains accountable to its citizens.

The Revolutionary War followed the declaration and was a time of immense sacrifice and determination. Brave individuals fought against formidable odds, enduring hardship and loss to secure the independence we celebrate today. The cries of “no taxation without representation” echoed through the streets, symbolizing the desire for fair governance and the right to have a voice in decisions that affect our lives.

Although we have come a long way since those historic times, the struggle for representation and justice continues. For instance, the residents of Washington D.C. still face the issue of taxation without full representation in Congress, an ongoing reminder that our work towards a perfect union still needs to be completed.

By closing our firm on Independence Day, we not only pay tribute to the sacrifices made by our forefathers but also recognize the ongoing pursuit of freedom, justice, and equality. It is a day to reflect on the rights we cherish and our responsibility to protect and uphold them for ourselves and future generations.

If you’re looking for museums to commemorate our history and the global fight against oppression, there are many to consider: 

We wish you a joyful and meaningful Independence Day!