Year-End Giving: How to Get Ahead of the Game

Create a end of year giving strategy and get ahead of the game.

Where did the time go? It’s time to start thinking about your year-end giving plan! Given 30% of all annual donations are given during this time, having a good year-end giving strategy is so very important.

Sources report that more than 50% of organizations don’t begin planning their year-end giving campaign until October. With #GivingTuesday – now the unofficial start of the winter giving season – only weeks away at that point, it benefits your organization to start planning now. As we mentioned in last year’s update, the end-of-year fundraising schedule is more now crowded than ever.

Your organization needs to come up with innovative strategies that keep you ahead of the game and more effectively reach your current donors while attracting new ones. If you get down with FUNKY BROWN CHICK, Inc., you’ll know that we’re big believers in strategy. Strategy helps you prepare! Strategy pays off! Here are a few tips to get you started:


Deciding what you want to accomplish by the end of the year is important.
  • What does a successful giving campaign look like for your organization? To figure this out, develop a plan keeping SMART goals in mind.
  • Are you trying to raise money for general operations, or is the organization focused on raising money for a particular program or project?
  • Does your organization hope to see an increase in the number of people who donate? An increase in the amount of money per donation? Is your organization looking to engage more supporters? 
  • Have you reached your general fundraising goals for the year? If not, this campaign is the time to make a final effort to appeal to your donors and achieve your goals.


Creating a theme with hashtags can help create brand distinction and increase year-end giving.

Integrate #GivingTuesday into the rest of your year-end plan. Nonprofit resource NpENGAGE mentions a study that finds that “nonprofits raise 14 times more in their year-end campaigns when they participate in #GivingTuesday.” Come up with a creative, moving, or fun campaign to carry you through the last few giving weeks of the 2019 calendar. You can even brand this theme, coming up with a distinct logo, font, and graphics.


A mix of numerous marketing and outreach strategies will increase year-end giving.

When you know who your donors are, you can choose the appropriate way to reach out to them. It may be best for your organization to use different approaches to reach out to different age demographics. DonorMobile explains how each generation uses tech or traditional methods to give to charity. Structure your campaign so you reach all of these demographic groups. (P.S. – don’t forget Gen-Z, who express interest in donating and in volunteering their time, even at their young ages!) 


Use omnichannel marketing strategies for better supporter outreach. In your fundraising, connect pop culture moments to your cause. Tell the story of how your funds are helping others. Implement strategies that help retain donors during this busy period. Consider innovative fundraising strategies. 


Expressing gratitude for your donors is important to future year-end giving.

The weeks around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other winter holidays cause many to reflect on what exactly they’re thankful for. Your organization should do the same. In your fundraising planning, be sure to express to your donors how thankful you are that they support your organization and its work. Let them know that their gift(s) help your organization do so much! If you need some ideas on how to thank them, check out this update.

We hope these tips are helpful as you begin making a year-end fundraising plan. However, if you’d like a little assistance, feel free to reach out to us! We can help your organization by:

  • Evaluating your giving strategy;
  • Developing your goals; and
  • Coming up with a plan that more directly addresses your organization’s needs.

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